Options for the back shell - "Retro Gray" and "Transparent Gray

Are there any pictures of a Transparent Gray Back Shell and does somebody know, what colour (“Retro Gray” or “Transparent Gray.”) is more mat?

I’ve seen none from the back with the transparent, but you can see some from the side with the transparent back.

As far as I can tell it feem like the transparent gray from the GameShell

I just found one picture with the transparent back. (last picture in row)
but I am still wondering if it is shiny or mat. (I would prefere a mat one)

Considering it is close to 100% transparent it can’t be mat, but that’s a render so hard to say, and well found, didn’t thouhg about looking in the store section !

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I would expect it to be the same properties of the gamshell, if you think of it, make sense!

They would have the material/machines, its tested already and working well

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It’s moulded plastic, there is no need for special machinery for either colour, the only “important” thing is just the type of plastic to mould and the right amount of pigments.

Though there is one thing; the non transparent in render look to have a rough structure, and as far as I know (I am not an expert in this domain) you can’t have the same mould for smooth and rough surface so they would need two mould, or the transparent will not be as transparent as it is on that render if they use the same mould.

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There’s always the option of using a model kit finishing spray. Generally you avoid using it on transparent, as it makes it translucent, but if that’s what you want with a matte finish, there’s always that.
I usually use either the Tamiya matte finishing spray clear coat, or the mr hobby too coat/super clear on my model kits.
One thing I can imagine is that it would be more scratch resistant when not a clear gloss finish. Plus could have a more premium feel to it.


Well, lets hope they release the 3D models as with the gameshell! So anyone could mod it or print it.

This is the power of open source/hardware, I can´t wait to see the amazing creations of the people.

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