Other handheld emulators



I never really was interested in the odroid. It didn’t offer enough emulators for me.


I agree, it’s a lot less powerful - but it has other advantages like instant booting, good for the bus stop :smiley:


I missed out on the Retrostone, sounds like a good machine.

My go to handheld is my GCW Zero. It plays all the 8bit and 16bit systems almost flawlessly. Final Burn Alpha runs amazingly as well. I also have the Pocket Chip, unfortunately the ‘super clicky keyboard’ just isn’t designed with the gamer in mind. Plus the serious lack of development for it was a shame. Pico 8 is on it and runs well, but controlling it isn’t that good. I wouldn’t part with mine though, for one single reason, I can play pretty much all the Infocom text adventure games. Back in the old days though, my trusty old PSP did most of my emulation. I also used to use my Nvidia Shield for the more power hungry emulators, however an accident with my Shield and a cup of coffee put an end to that :sob: