Pico-8 update help

I have a question regarding updating Pico-8 to newer versions. Do I need to do something specific? I usually just drag and drop the new version but it doesnt seem to work. I still get the error saying there is a version update on some Pico-8 games.

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For newer versions, potentially you will need to update the list of expected file names, along with the MD5 hash.
Of course, you can always just be cheeky, and rename the new updates pico-8 to one of the previous older file names, and choose to ignore the MD5 hash check.
Either that, or potentially you may need to remove the old versions and then reload the launcher, do allow the conditions for the installer to run be met.
Also, try doing a dry run with nothing in the pico-8 directory and deliberately trigger an error, and then install it as lee normal.
Hopefully this works out! :slight_smile:

How would I update the list of file names and the MD5 check? I was renaming newer versions to an older one because the new version wouldnt correctly install on the DEOT software without renaming. I did try to put the newest version on by renaming but it didnt fix it. Hope you have been doing well!

Have a peek in:


I updated mine recently to look like this.

"NotFoundMsg":["Please purchase the PICO-8 \n|None|varela16",
"and copy it to the \"~/games/PICO-8\"|None|varela16"],
	"":"whatever it takes"},

(I just edited it to be current as of 28/7/2020)

I’m not sure what the current version is, but hey! If could be this one, saving you some time.
If not, just add another line using the same kind of formatting.

And ahh. I’ve been trying to balance as much social time as possible, making up for a lot of lost social ground. That and binge playing/revisiting games. Just finished xenoblade, the last of us 2, nino kuni, hyrule warriors, skyward sword. Currently maxing out Persona 5 Royal, and playing through paper Mario. Next is Ghost of Tsushima.
Needless to say, I haven’t been on here in a while. Life just took me by the scruff of my neck. But hey! Thanks for asking! Hope you are going well yourself!

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Thank you for the help as always! I am going to try to fix my issue! Good to hear you have been doing well! I just finished a playthrough of Gex Enter the Gecko! I havent played a Persona game yet but I am interested! I have been doing well, just working and trying to stay healthy!

a simpler way is rename any newer pico8 package to be

then ignore the hash error dialog to install/update

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Thank you for the help! One more question, does anyone know of a way to easily transfer games when updating? Im trying to save my favorites list, the search function doesn’t work too well and I dislike searching for my favorite games again when I update.