Possible NES development software on Kickstarter

Hi, everyone,

For those of you interested in developing games to play on RetroPie, there’s a project on Kickstarter designed to streamline the process of developing NES games (which could then be emulated on RetroPie, no doubt). I’m not sure if I’ll personally back it, as I’d rather start with building on simpler platforms, but for those of you looking for an intuitive way to design more advanced games, this may be an option.

Note: I’m not affiliated with this Kickstarter in any way, just thought it might be interesting to people hoping to develop for GameShell


It looks interesting, but I imagine the games made with it will feel limited, in the way a gamemaker or rpgmaker game would feel, to the point where you can tell what games are made from.

I also believe it would make more sense to make basic Linux compatible titles over new titles for the gameshell, but that’s just me. I am interested in seeing how useful this project could be, and can see the need for easy formats to put a story or art in with no/minimal coding knowledge like I have.

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This, don’t know why you wouldn’t go for an existing Lua/Python framework. They’ll have much greater support also.

Personally I’ve been working with LÖVE and am hoping to publish games for the GameShell, I imagine that and PyGame will be good options.


Good points from both of you, I would definitely say it’s better to develop for Linux if developing solely for the GameShell. This Kickstarter provides an interesting compromise in that, while it’s perhaps more limited, you’d be able to play these games on any platform with an emulator (could even flash ROMs to a cart and play on an actual NES, as is suggested by the campaign itself).

The cool factor from loading your creations onto an actual NES cart definitely brings some appeal!