Replacement wifi antenna

Wow ur case is beautiful, where did u get it from ?

Thanks again!

Print should be done in about 5 hours, will report back once it is done!

Wouldn’t it be great to have an antenna that fits into the empty slot above and stands up? Sorry for my childish drawing…

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Give me the weekend to work on it, it really would be a cool option for a more compact design, I used the larger antenna to suit the intended use.

It fits:



wooo! put that on tindie after that, and we will be rich!! I made the draw, you sell it 50/50! I wonder what kind of supercar we can buy after that?

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Works great!


If I cut it close to the border it will fit without touching the antenna mount right? It doesn’t overhang the space not even a mm?

Is this like a clip on cover

Yes I think it should be okay.

This one should work better then.

Yep. It was posted here somewhere.

This case is really beautiful. Did you print it yourself, or is it available for purchase somewhere? Thank you!AkEg9ywr6IeAgv1kpeRbvxgvFt_52g?e=E4RRIb

I bet he printed, I made this one to print and use with mine (It has the cut for the antenna I made).

Here is the piece if you want to print it with the ring in another color:!AkEg9ywr6IeAgv1mAFsuAyu-dOnHyw?e=CWowxy

I will upload the other accents tommorow to end with something like this:


Wow, that’s really cool. I’m envious that you have a 3D printer; I haven’t tried using one yet

it is done.!AkEg9ywr6IeAgv1vDfVHHABWSQP6kg?e=k63oGP


Nice! I did mine with a layer change. Yours looks better.

Is it a clip on front pannel and also could you print me one (very noobie on 3d prints and just sent my first print to jlcpcb recently)

Reach out to me on Discord, I may be able to print it for you depending where you are located.

Right now i dont have the uconsole (hoping it comes in batch 5) but once i have it in my hands and had a feel for it i might take you up on that offer, im in the uk btw