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gPSP is crashing for me every time while mGBA is working. Any ideas?

I’m on 0.3, maybe it’s GPU driver related?

Did you download it through retroarch or through the forum links?

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I’m using the GBA core that you put yourself in the forum a few days ago. However, the sound is not perfectly fluid. Tested with A Link to the Past and Wario Ware in OS 2.0 (the one that came with the GameShell, I tested version 3.0 before and it gave me a lot of problems and I prefer to wait for a more stable version with Lima)

The mGBA core has glitchy sound, however the gpsp core that has been optimized for the gameshell runs flawlessly for me

that optimized gpsp core … can it be downloaded from retroarch directly? or where can I find that optimized core for GameShell?

Working gPSP file link this is where you can get the optimized core, it cant be downloaded within retroarch directly, you have to put it on the gameshell yourself with winscp or some similar program

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Thanks a lot! I followed your instructions and set the retroarch. I have a question though.

After setting retroarch, do we load the roms from the base menu? For e example—>genesis—>rom? And it will load the core automatically from retroarch? Or we can load every rom from inside retroarch? If yes how?(what is the route)?

Thanks!! This works great. Got sonic running full speed with picodrive now :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the launcher.

np, I may do a few more this weekend.

I’ve installed it through RetroArch; I switched to the core you uploaded and it’s working perfectly, thanks!

Just tested Sonic Advance, getting stable 60 fps and changing the audio latency to 128 fixed all issues regarding choppy sound.

after I put ‘‘git clone retroarch’’ it asks me for a username and password. what can I do?

the username and password is cpi

that’s weird, it shouldn’t, not when cloning via https

the username and password is cpi

Not for git, that’s for SSH

Hi, Any core that works perfectly for SNES? The sound with Snes9x does not work well and I do not find the correct Core in the forum.

I use that:
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Thanks, but that Core does not work for me. I’m using Snes9x_2005 right now, but still, I’m having problems with the sound.

You can try to build it yourself .
Maybe it will work
Instruction how to build RetroArch Megathread

Im gonna try building a few different versions and see what happens.

snes9x2005_Plus works pretty good for me though. Been using that since I got my gameshell last august

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my bad, apologies I thought it was something else

Is there a way to switch back to the standard ui via a sudo command? I accidentally switched to the ozone ui and there isn’t a way to navigate. How do you fresh install RetroArch?

edit: never mind, i found a post on how to do this. Found the solution under Common Problems here

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