RetroArch Megathread

It is a normal version for the hardware used and not specific for Gameshell so it will keep on being updated. We have only lost our go to guy who could help us test/fix things :wink:

Do you know why only 20% of the time games start for me and on the other 80% I need to ssh to the GS and reboot it because it crashes? it’s been like this since the 0.3 update came out with the new lima driver.

I was hoping a potential 0.4 version of the OS could fix this but the devs seem to be missing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So I’m new to everything, but I followed this guide and now when I use go to run a ROM via MGBA through RA it takes me to the clockworkpi menu. When I go through the shortcut on that menu, the game freezes as it loads. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

In 0.3 the lima driver is quite unstable (see other forum threads). If you switch it to the regular driver (not being lima), instability should decrease significantly and cpu usage should be lower and battery will last longer.

for clockwork pi it says my GPU driver is Fbturbo already. I’m using 1.24 i think if that helps. Like I said, I’m really new to this, so I’ll do my best to give any info needed to help.

Hey has anyone built this recently?

I’ve tried running the commands in the OP, but it has stalled each time it gets to “CXX deps/SPRIV-Cross/spirv_parser.cpp”

I’ve tried deleting the git folder and doing the steps over, but no luck. Same with rebooting and running them.

When I say “stalled”, it’s sat for an hour at that step without moving. Am I just being impatient, or does anyone have any other suggestions?


Edit: is it possible for someone to share a compiled build…?

Edit: This worked – bash <(curl -s

Edit 3: Retroarch compiled using that script but now when I try to access it in the launcher it asks for a clockwork pi login and password.

Maybe I just need to chmod the file?

Edit 4: the solution here of replacing the cfg worked: RetroArch Asking for Login?

You should execute this command on your gameshell through ssh (using tiny cloud)

Please help I messed upmy Key bindings

You should be able to go to the GameShell Settings and set your keybindings there, pressing X to apply them to RetroArch.

However, I’m having an issue in RetroArch where I can’t remap input for PCSX Rearmed…Anyone know why it won’t even allow me to edit them?

hi this is my first time with gameshell and I hardly know anything, just want play some retro games

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thanks for your info, however i need more help in figuring out how to load new games and roms

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You can check these threads; How to transfer files with TinyCloud through SSH and How to add new emulators (Gameboy, SNES, etc.)

Hi I tried your steps and tried to run a MAME game but it says failed to load content, what format should roms be to move into and where can I find it

Hi, i unfortunatley do not have my gameshell at hand now, but will check when i get home and let you know ! I think they are *.zip based so your action.config file should contain that as file type.

Thanks for info Whizz and if you can please share a link to roms which are in zip

Probably shouldn’t be asking for roms here.

definitely shouldn’t, anywhere tbh.

Ah thank you! Stupid mistake… Fixed now…

I’ve been working through your instructions and everything seems to work fine until I run make -j4 Then it reaches this point and hangs. Please could you let me know what I need to tweak. Thanks

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I’m having the same problem as you had,

I’m a bit confused as to when you did this, or what you did to get it working?
thanks in advance!