Retropie Emulationstaion transplant


I am trying to transplant the retropie to gameshell, and i compile the code from

first time i set the platform as “armv7-mali” manually. os as debian9
since define the platform “armv7-mali” .the scrip need to install “mali-fbdev”
but it going to failure.

so, second time i set the platform as “armv7”
it completed.
run emulationstation, it works
but i found the emulationstation ui and font too small .not clear like below:

I want to ask a few questions:
1:how to install the mali-400 drive and use it render ui,games
2:how to change the font size or clearer the menu ,font
anyone can help me ? or @yong give some advice about gpu drive


@hal @yong @aewens @Godzil


@GoldenAgeNerd What is this about??


i just tagged you as well as others in hopes that you might be able to answer @littlehui 's question


Current OS version does not (yet) include the Mali drivers as they do not yet support the SOC used. There was someone on another thread who offered to help on that as soon as he received his gameshell. Not sure if he has yet.


There are in fact Mali drivers for this SoC. The problem is the stock image doesn’t have them for some reason even though AFAIK those are in the mainline kernel already.

@hal told me they would open source the boot loader soon (although it’s been like a month already)


Hmmm ok, i missed that one. Thanks for clarifying and fingers crossed @hal and @yong will give us access to the bootloader…


I came here today to post asking if this was possible. Glad to see someone else have the same idea.


Hello there !

Sounds very nice.

What do you mean exactly by “it works” ? Retropie is fully runnable ? You can play games by emulators ?

What the difference between armv7-mali and armv7 and what are the impacts in terms of performances ?

Thanks !