Screen issue, bright horizonal stripes on A04

I built my A04 today. Everything works fine, but after a few minutes of using it, the screen starts producing errors. Bright elements like text or the mouse courser produce bright horizonal lines across the screen. I have checked and reseated the screen ribbon cable, but no change. Strange thing is, a restart fixes the issue, but after a few minutes of usage it appears again. Is this a hardware issue, could it be related to temperature or power supply issues?

I think the first thing to try is to re-flash the OS. Download at, use balenaEtcher as tool.
If that doesn’t work, please email to, I’ll help you to get a replacement.

Thank you Alex, it’s good to know your company will have its customers back on these issues.
The trouble with replacement currently is, that I need to figure out, what needs to be replaced, the screen, the core or possible some other component. I will do some more testing and come back to you on this.