Trouble with Shell

Having issues with getting the top to snap on. Looking at my top shell, I honestly can’t see how it could snap on. Is there supposed to be something that snaps into the plugs? My top shell looks like it just lays on the bottom shell.

Well, it does lie on top. At the bottom there is a clip that has to snap and on the top its fixed by these little bolts on each side. :slight_smile:

Can you provide a picture of your current build-status?

Had to come to work :frowning:. But I will send that as soon as I get back. Thanks for the help.

basically on the top part of the shell there are two pins with two round clips that you put over them and then twist to lock them in place

This turned out to be an issue with just getting these pieces in place and not letting the screen ribbon get in the way. I had to fold it in a way that would help. Thanks for the responses.

Slide the screen ribbon into the screen case so that it overlaps itself. This way you can adjust it to use minimal space between the screen and logicboard.