Selling extra white Gameshell

I’m looking to sell my extra set of Gameshell (white, latest model). Comes with the original box and lightkey.

Transact via PayPal with shipping and extra PayPal service fees. I’m located in Singapore.

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I’ll buy it! I’ve been wanting to get one of these for months. Message me and we can work out details.

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Am I still going to be able to build it myself. If yes I really want it. Amazon is sold out.

Just like building a used model kit (eg, gundam) you can always dismantle it, and rebuild it. Perhaps, ask whichever second hand seller if they can dismantle it before shipping it. The only thing you won’t be able to do is snip the pieces from the runners. But you can probably still sand down the excess flash/nub marks; just like a model kit.

I posted this in another thread already but if anyone wants to buy a completely brand new white version then feel free to check out my ebay listing:

If the asking price is too high then feel free to make an offer, I was keeping this as a spare but my main unit has been rock solid so its a waste to just leave this on a shelf.

The picture said SOLD. Is it actually sold or is there still a chance to buy it?

Responded in the other thread but just in case, yeah it sold within the same hour I listed it. Geez, good luck on your hunt!