Shipment has started!



Received my in Washington, USA! :smiley:


Guys, it’s only me or someone else still have statement ‘2018-07-12 03:10
The item is ready for shipment’. It starts to bother me D:


I’m from the UK and I just got this response when I put the tracking number into… progress!!!


What does your PostNL say? I checked my RM just now and nothing.


Same here, still nothing for me.


PostNL just says “Consignment received at the PostNL Acceptance Centre” as the latest stage, as does I also still have the exclamation mark alongside Royal Mail on 17track’s page.


Thanks! This is promising. Keep us up to date :slight_smile:


Well good idea, but no, 17track has been unable get info from Royal for months now and display the error icon. This is (not really) “normal”…

@ManlyStump: interesting !

Going to check here

Nope RoyalMail still does not know about my number… :confused:


Hmm… I guess I’m just lucky! Hopefully by the weekend some more of you will have better luck, and maybe mine will even say it’s in the country! (fingers crossed)


My GameSH> ClockworkPi did arrive on Monday. I cant put it away from my Hands. SO much to test and do. Awesome. Hope the rest will get their soon!

The UK Fellowship of the Limbo Parcel

My wife just wrote me that I received a letter by the German customs. I’ll now have to take a day off of work in order to pick Up the Gameshell. Damn it. :unamused:


I’m expecting the same, nothing here yet, though. From the past I know that you can email them the receipt and they will send the goods to you after clearing customs, you have to pay for shipping though.
I might do that as we are about move and i dont have time.

Thats for Munich customs in Garching


To the German ones:

[German] Bei mir wurde es direkt nach Hause geschickt. Hatte keine Probleme mit Zoll oder sonstigen. Kam bereits am Montag hier bei mir an.

[English] I got it directly send Home. I had no problems with receiving the package without taxes


Unfortunately this always depends on the mood of the individual customs officer. You can consider yourself lucky. :wink: Keelson and I will have to pay import taxes of usually 19% of the total value.


well as it was declared at $ 20 or something of the likes, it should not be to bad money wise… time wise and frustration wise is a different cup of tea however :wink:


The letter I received says that their service of clearing customs with the receipt for me would be an additional 28,50 Euros on top of the import taxes.

I’ll just be a few minutes late for work tomorrow, but I’ll have the Gameshell for the weekend. :blush:


Thats not right.

You’d have to pay 28,50 Euros if you’d like to receive the package without going to the customs office. The “Deutsche Post” would pay all customs for you and additionally on that they’d want you to pay 28,50 for that service.

The customs office cannot tell you the import taxes for your package until you go there. The letter says: Bring a bill / proof of payment because there was no bill on the package.

So my question for @yong: As I need to bring a bill to get my package and i can only show them the pledge-amount: Is there any kind of bill you could give us german backers who have to go to their local customs office that only shows the 19.05 USD that you had shown on the initial post?


Thats not correct. I did not receive any tax information! I dont have to pay exluses. Its was delivered by DHL and not like other packages out of europe to ZOLL where you have to pay the tax.


Backer #1 here. Based in the UK, still waiting to receive my shipment. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes, but I’ve also been stuck as The item is ready for shipment since the 12th. Fingers crossed we’ll get some movement soon!


Well the Fee of 28,50 is an Option after your package got sent to the custom Office. You won’t have to pay anything (except eventually any taxes if the value of the package is above around 25 Euros) if it is directly delivered to your house.

The 25,80 Euros are the So called “Service der Nachträglichen Postverzollung”.