Show Us Your Customised uConsole

Looks awesome, I am in the middle of modeling and testing almost the same setup, new back easy access panels, slim battery, cm4 sink with fan maybe, waiting on parts.

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Are those speakers? Bluetooth? Where do you get those?

It looks like it might be these.

yes. speakers are bluetooth and stereo automatically. look for “speakers bt tws” at aamazon or aaliexpress

And “we”

are growing :slight_smile:


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neglect da speakerz, where to find such kickass case? I’ve ordered a pouch but i came to be too big for µ

the set looks amazing, but you cant just post 4 uConsoles and not say what each one is for. I want some info!!! lol

This project is under progress already. Each unit purpose is measurement software. For example: The army green will for anntenna and bandwith Lora/Meshtastic calibration, with connection by usb to VNA meter. The orange will co-operate with 3d printer and its slicer software. I have plans, but I have limit free time :slight_smile:



Is the back cover metal or plastic?

black anodized


It looks amazing, I’ve wanted a black back. I guess there’s always time to learn a new skill and blow a weekend. lol

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Where can I get that clear screen protector? Looks nice and useful!

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:grinning: :grinning::grinning:I made it myself.