Soldering is too weak

What’s this??

Oof, was that damaged in transit? Looks like it’s taken a nasty whack.

Can you post a clear picture of the pads on the board? If they’re intact, it’s an easy fix: new DIP switch, quick bit of solder. If they’re damaged, it gets trickier…

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I have to soldering it…🥲

Looks like cold solder joint, fortunately you can resolder it, also thats not such a critical piece so you can just bridge the setting you wish it to be and leave the other disconnected.

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Considering that two of the pad has been torn off, it is not a “weak” soldering there but more of a hit on that switch…

I encountered the same issue when building my A06, However it was not as bad as yours, I received it looking like the following:

I had to carefully realign the component and then bend the pins back in place, and then solder the pins back onto the pads