[Solved] Bug in Launcher 1.24

All icon png files in ~/apps/Menu are ignored.

I did not see that

Can you tell me more about it?

After the update, all Launcher icons other than pre-installed games, reverted to textual representations. I checked that all of the png files are still present.


how you place the icon png file?

As per the instructions for updating to the new OS, all png files are in the ~/apps/Menu directory with the scripts.

for example, Bomberman

you mean you have a ~/app/Menu/Bomberman.sh
and also a png file named Bomberman.png in /home/cpi/launcher/skin/default/Menu/GameShell/

and launcher ignored?

Close… The Bomberman.sh and Bomerman.png are both in
The default scripts and icons are in the launcher folders. User added games are supposed to be installed into the above directory.

now you can

mkdir ~/apps/Menu/Bomberman

and move Bomberman.sh and Bomerman.png into~/apps/Menu/Bomberman

then reload launcher
it will be ok

Thanks @guu. A bit of a bother, but it did solve the issue!

not at all
sorry for the inconvenient

back to the beginning I did not think about so many designs in future