[SOLVED] My order have not any status update. order no is 12565, placed on Jun 30, 2019

Hi, I want to get status for my order. but after payment, not receives any messsages of my order :frowning:

Hi YuLei, Veronica here. I’m a member of the dev. team. Glad to chat with you.
I’ve checked our delivery list, your order was successfully delivered by SF Express on 4th July.
I’m surprised thay SF Express did not notice you at all.
I’ve also replied your e-mail to biz@clockworkpi.com with more details.
My colleagues will forward it to you.
BTW, if you need any help from us in the future, please e-mail to help@clockworkpi.com. We check this e-mail address frequently.
Sorry for the inconvenience anyway.

Thank you very very much !

I found my GameShell in respository, I LOVE IT SO MUCH :smile:

Now the fun begins :slight_smile: