Stuck in Loading Screen after Update

After 2 Month with no Time i wanted to play again with my Kickstarter buyed Pi…
So i updated via Wifi (like many times before!) and get stucked in the Loading Screen. :frowning:
Is the anything i can do? No Wifi starts… nothing else. :frowning:

Make sure to search as this has been brought up a number of times:

Suffice to say that updating the launcher has been known to cause issues. Updating from an old version of the launcher to newer ones especially since many things have moved locations in the file system.

Easiest solution may be to just re-flash the OS onto your SD card and star

I recommend v0.21 as v0.3 is not very stable especially if using the lima driver.


Lots of things can wedge the launcher, it needs some work in terms of error handling. Even a bad icon will cause a hang. We found that you can often rsh into the GS while it is stuck and then look at /tmp/x.log for errors/clues.

I think you need to reinstall the OS