Suggestions after 1 day usage (partially solved)

  1. Though there is a document about the keymap of ABXY and lightkey, it is difficult for user to change the keymap on the fly for both RetroGame and RetroArch. Even if you press the key in in the Input Setting, the keymap won’t get changed.
    EDIT: check the 6th post for keybind in RetroArch.

  2. No Wifi / Screen Off timer in Settings. You will have Wifi on at all time and screen lit up during ssh or scp… not good for battery life.

  3. The console will boot up by itself when fully charge, not good if you let it go unattended. Like #2, the screen won’t go off…

  4. The simulation is just OK for the platform I tested: NES / SNES / NEOGEO / SEGA GENESIS. Some audio, like out of sync, issue will need to be fixed.
    EDIT: check the 5th and 6th post

5. According to my usage, battery life is about 1.5hrs max. Your mileage may vary. Maybe it is time to buy some BL-5C.


Any more problems with emulators or just audio sync problems? (That’s not a big deal for me :slight_smile:


The performance depends on which retroarch core you are using. For example, you will use mgba for GBA in most of the time. You can refer to a recommended core list here


Great, thanks for the link!

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  1. Setting>Input>Bind Timeout 设为5秒;默认的是0,导致根本没办法映射。
  2. Setting>Input>Input Hotkey Binds,设置Load State、Save State、Menu toggle的映射就可以使用即时存档和游戏中调用主菜单了。
    即时存档的档位在游戏菜单里的State Slot设置。
  3. 音频同步在Audio里微调一下,自己按感觉调吧,没有太大变化。该卡的地方还是卡,也可以设置频显FPS参考一下。

The default config for RetroArch is optimized for GS only. You may need to fine tune it according to your own preference.

  1. Setting>Input>Bind Timeout. Default key bind time out is 0, you need to increase it so that you can map the key.
  2. Setting>Input>Input Hotkey Binds. Some hotkeys are configured as FN key or missing, such as Load / Save State and Menu toggle. Reassign them for best gaming experience.
  3. Audio sync issue can be partially solved in Audio setting, but not improved that much. FPS can be enabled to check the performance also.


我这边没有问题,4个热键我都是用light key设置的。你可以把INPUT HOTKEY BINDS的画面拍照上传吗?


Please go to “settings -> Update” to upgrade the launcher.
We have added “Airplane Mode” and " Power Options" features.


Nice ! Quick reponse and coding as well ! Appreciated !

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My GS doesn’t seem to boot when fully charged like everyone else’s… is this new in the FW update? Or am I impatient lol.