The D.E.O.T. Edition GameShell Is Coming As Well AS 2019Q3 Game Jam

Right, since the outer shells alone coming out wouldn’t need any OS, I’m going to take a guess here and say that the DEOT outer shells won’t be offered as a separate purchase? Correct me if I’m wrong! :slight_smile:

Will the DEOT version be available on Amazon immediately, once released? :slight_smile:

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Any updates about the D.E.O.T. edition? Wanted to get a GameShell for my birthday :smiley:


I just want the DEOT OS. I print my own shells so I already have too many lol

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What’s the reason DEOT OS is not yet publiced / made available? I mean it is ready, as @Veronica stated above there is no licensing issue so a download link shouldn’t take that much. Am I missing something? Why should it wait the DEOT hardware to be in stock?


I’d guess it’s out of respect for the people who bought the DEOT version of GameShell. It might be kind of be weird if others got to try out the device before they did.


If the DEOT came with a special version of clockwork OS, and not just a skin, what would happen when they inevitably need to wipe their cards?
I’m wondering if they all got given a link to redownload their image. Furthermore, when new releases/updated happen and they need to flash their card, their interface would be lost.
My guess is that it’s a skin file that could possibly be extracted and shared.
I asked in another thread if a DEOT user could share their files with the community. So far, radio silence.

I read above and @Veronica said that they already got the license to distribute DEOT rom, so I think we can wait for an official download link after they DEOT device available in the store.

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Yup that’s what she said indeed. It was just more a curio regarding existing DEOT owners, and what they have to work with.

I think it was mentioned that being open source, everything is considered to be, haha well; open. But ah well, by the time we discuss technicalities regarding this, it will probably be released.

A few days is probably closer to a few weeks in this world. Hopefully we’ll hear from someone soon. The novelty of the “thematic ui” kinda wore off given the delay. Would have been an excellent hype train, having the skin released; encouraging people to upgrade their existing chassis.

Look what we have here. :smiley:

@Veronica , if there’s any violations posting this here, let me know. Just thought after 2 weeks not hearing back, it would be fair game to post. :slight_smile:

Oh well that seems like the process is moving forward, since there’s now a website for it. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new about the D.E.O.T. Edition from the developers though. The silence is kind of dissuading me from wanting to get one. The “few days” seems to be turning into a few weeks. I guess we’ll just have to be patient still. Some kind of contact would be nice soon. Thanks for finding the website though! :grin:

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It’s been there for a while. I just thought it would be better to have the devs directly informing us, but haha like you said, time kinda… just slipped by!

Still no word of ordering just the shell, or downloading the OS with the “thematic UI” (that is a mouthful!)

Let us play the waiting game. I give it 3 days. Place your bets! :smiley:

Edit: Well, 4 days has passed, and no word. I’ve officially lost the bet.


As per another thread, it seems stocks are low in general.
However, as mentioned above, the DEOT version has been out in the wild for a while. It might even be in stock!

Given this information, what is to happen with releasing DEOT version of the OS? It would be great to have a fiddle!

We haven’t seen @Veronica active here for quite some time. So I guess it’s a handball over to the community.
Does anyone have a clean DEOT image of the OS they would be willing to share?

Also, do any of the other people “in the know”; any word of selling just the DEOT outer shells, for those who already own a Gameshell? Thanks!

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Hi javelinface,
I found the image from your previous post:
In the below there are discussions in Chinese, but it does contain a link to the D.E.O.T image:

Could someone who has a standard GameShell like to test it?


Look good for sure but hey, why not work on a stable image instead of spending sooo much time releasing a SPECIAL model?

I don’t think anyone spent so much time making this image. It’s just got a skin, and resources for people to develop/upload content as a game developer.

Now I see why this wasn’t officially released on the forum. There will always be those who will look a gift horse in the mouth. Haha.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

@yqtl Thank you so much for uploading this! I will down load it right away!

Tried it yesterday. Needs a 16gb sd card unless you shrink it to fit a 8gb one. It’s fancy but in the end it’s the same thing as the original launcher. Didn’t have the time to ssh to it and inspect it more thoroughly. I am gonna go back to the stock one I guess. Can’t understand why it is not yet officially announced for download since this upload seems official. Nice try though, perhaps it would be nice to make it available as a skin to the stock one launcher.

I also tried it. The same thing and structure of the file system is the same. It has launchergo folder in the file system but there is no option to switch it on in settings menu :crazy_face:
But it looks like it is working a little bit faster/smoother, maybe because I haven’t uploaded any file to it…I don’t know.

*There will always be those who will look a gift horse in the mouth. Haha. *
Correct me if I’m wrong.

You are.

Just want to clear the air. I didn’t mean any ill intent! I sincerely apologise if I have!

I can see the diplomatic reasons for not uploading the DEOT OS, as some people may accuse the dev team for incorrectly allocating their resources to something other than providing stability to the mainstream release.

With the presentation of this link, having a single person criticising it, despite it being a gift would seem befitting to the aforementioned analogy.

But thanks for your input @Lix

I apologise again.