Battery arrived today

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Yong and the rest of the team. My battery arrived today so hopefully the rest of the UK backers should receive their’s soon too.

You are lucky, nothing here (yet)

Mine too! Thanks @yong !

Battery arrived today, thanks for sorting it @yong

What courier did it come with?

…I’ve moved house now…luckily I still have the keys and am going there tonight. I need to hand the keys over tomorrow so might have one more quick check. Hopefully I get a reply to my email about the battery I sent today and get a tracking ref so I can contact said delivery company.

Probably Royal Mail I suppose.

So it is going to spread in the week due to how slowmail work (I don’t thing they sent it on a palette, but probably a couple of letters)

Mine arrived today.

According to the customs declaration on the envelope, it’s an “adapter”. (I’ll say no more about that but I’m sure you know what I’m getting at)20180927_172219

Just FYI off the UK govt website regarding customs law.


What is your point? you want to pay taxes on it?

Then contact HMRC saying you received a parcel that you want to pay taxes on it, they will be pleased to ask you money!

You’ve missed the point, and instead opted for rudeness and sarcasm, and I don’t appreciate it, to be honest. Don’t try to shoot me down for pointing out something which I have ever right to. Its not about whether I want to pay taxes or not. It’s against the law to falsely declare imported items, in this case an item prohibited from carriage in the post, by UK law, and the culpability, as I showed in an extract from the UK govt website, falls to the sender and the recipient.

Long and short is, if people are still expecting their batteries, they may possibly find that if customs intercept their parcels, they will be seized. And they will not get them. Again. And you may get in trouble for it.

If I missed the point, I think that everyone missed the point.

Make more sentences than just random posting images from HMRC/RoyalMail.

They’re not random images, it’s a pertinent paragraph regarding customs declarations, and who is legally responsible. And that’s before even addressing the issue of putting lithium batteries in the postal system - prohibited in the UK. We have laws for a reason, and you’re sneering at me for pointing that out.

I don’t see how you can say “everyone” missed the point, as you are the only person to have replied to my original post so far.

You are acting inappropriately. I know you’re likely to flag this reply down, however. But I want to raise my concerns here and now as to your suitability as a moderator here.


Whilst you’re raising concerns about suitability, you’ve constantly been a negative nancy in these forums and therefore your suitability to be part of this community is not very suitable at all. Maybe you should learn to treat people with respect and you will receive respect back yourself and I’m not talking about this particular scenario by itself but others as well.

The Gov website explains no action you should take if you receive goods and the declaration is incorrect so if you want to call HMRC then do so. Make sure you tell them about your GS whilst you’re at it. Another thing is that batteries are allowed to be sent through the mailing system from China to the UK and within the UK but must must be new and packaged appropriately which if the battery came in a box by itself then it is. Even if the declaration is incorrect you still have no VAT or Tax to pay on the battery because it costs less than the minimum bandings so this is a moral issue mainly because you’re the person responsible for the item and customs declaration, no-one else. So before you start having a go at people remember to check the factual information and stop spreading here-say that batteries can’t be sent through the post etc when clearly they can.


Wait hold on, was I not respectful in the first instance in this topic here? Was I disrespectful to raise an issue with the legality in this? Do I not have a right to raise that very issue in this forum without needless sarcasm from a mod - one who has previously needed reprimand? I haven’t been “negative”, I’ve only discussed things as everyone else has. Indeed, when someone has come into this forum kicking off, I’ve made efforts to call them and point them in the right direction for the appropriate help.

Regardless of whether you think I’m right or wrong about the customs laws, I posted my first input on this particular topic with respect and in good humour, only to get a post full of negativity and rudeness, from a moderator of all people!

So, how do I earn respect as you say, if when I am posting within the community behaviour guidelines, I still get a response laced with disrespect, sarcasm and rudeness? I started off in this topic without giving out any disrespect, and I got it in return anyhow. From a MODERATOR.

I am a member of many forums, discord servers and other online communities, and this is the only one in which I have had any grief from anyone, let alone from the moderators, who are supposed to keep the forum a respectful place. Take a look at the other topics in here where I have contributed, you’ll find I’m not a “negative Nancy” as you say. I’ve also been very nice to you in previous conversations, so what’s your issue?

So I’ll make my case once more, for the benefit of the rest of us waiting for batteries:

  1. The batteries are still being mis-declared
  2. The batteries are still being sent unsafely
  3. Therefore, you might get unlucky and your parcel might yet still me intercepted and seized.
  4. Now users can be forewarned if they’re still missing their batteries.
  5. Given that it’s super easy to procure a battery from a high street shop, is it really worth potential customs seizures?

If you or anyone else requires further clarification on my points, or wants to have a proper talk about it, please let me know. If you want to sneer “oh well why don’t you just confess to HMRC” then maybe you should reconsider.

Oh, here’s a list of the prohibited items as detailed by the Royal Mail. Screenshot_20180928-153211_Chrome

I’m only trying to help but you seem intent on shouting me down as a troublemaker.

If I’m wrong about anything, then you can do that without being disrespectful yourselves.

Frankly it seems that if anyone even dare suggest that ClockworkPi themselves have made any mistakes alomg the way - everyone makes them, there’s no shame in it, it’s how we learn - then woe betide that person!

Going too far and have nothing to do with the topic itself. If you want to discuss about that create a new topic.

The response from Godzil wasn’t that of sarcasm from where I’m standing. It seemed they genuinely missed the point of what you were getting as and was in fact inquisitive to what you were meaning by your posts. The post from Godzil after your response confirms such a thing. IMO you met Godzil with negativity before Godzil met you with any.

I respect you have opinions and talk out about stuff etc but what I don’t respect is that you can’t see where you’re wrong and you’re on your high-horse thinking that everything you say is 100% fact where in actual fact you’re wrong, won’t admit it and it’s not the first time.

Regarding your points:

1 - Correct.
2 - Not correct. Meets guidelines.
3 - This can happen based on point 1.
4 - True.
5 - Agree but as a project they probably felt the need to not let a customer down based on what’s happened already and just wanted to make sure things were ‘right’.

Finally you have not posted this in good humour. I follow you on Twitter. You’ve complained to the Twitter world with the same picture and the caption “So bloody dodgy, this. The replacement battery was sent but they didn’t learn their lesson. They just disguised it as a permitted item on the customs declaration. FFS” Just to confirm - a battery is a permitted item.

Then you go on to talk about implications it would have had for you if it had been intercepted. There would likely have been no issues. They intercepted the GS and all they did was take the battery out because it wasn’t packaged properly.

Sorry man but you’re wrong again with your Royal Mail picture. It’s for prohibited and restricted items. If you click into them it will tell you they can be sent but have to be sent in certain packaging or must be new or be contained within a device. Maybe you should click into them.

In other threads I’ve said and agree that there’s been mistakes made. People can speak out about them but there’s ways to do it. If your information was correct, factual and not negative towards people then it would be easier to have a conversation with you without you thinking we’re branding you as a trouble maker which we’re actually not. If you thought I was then I apologise.

Sorry Godzil, I’ve just seen your post above.

I will say no more.

@YoshiK1 you were writing when I posted that so that 's fine.

(And Point 1 is not correct, because it was not mislabelled on the original package. So it is not “still miss labeled” (and point 2 is invalid too, because it is properly packaged in the retail package)

So now, something on that subject -> another topic or I will remove the post.

(The post just bellow by @sickeningjar was being written when I posted that, that is why I don’t touch it)

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(I’m just getting my right to reply here and then I will take it to a new topic as @Godzil requests)

“Just to confirm - a battery is a permitted item”. Why did they declare it as an adapter then?

“The response from Godzil wasn’t that of sarcasm from where I’m standing” - you may say so, but I took it as such, and really only Godzil can answer for that. The fact is he’s been antagonistic previously to me, so you can see why I would see it as such.

“You’ve complained to the Twitter world with the same picture and the caption “So bloody dodgy, this. The replacement battery was sent but they didn’t learn their lesson. They just disguised it as a permitted item on the customs declaration. FFS” Just to confirm - a battery is a permitted item.” - what I tweet has no relevance to this forum, I will tweet as I like. But again, why did they disguise the item? (And yes, they did, because an “adapter”" is not a “battery”) So far no-one has offered an explanation. If it’s all above board… Why the subterfuge?