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I have the consignment message… waaaaaah


Just got back from the post office and had to pay customs charges on a couple of tshirts, so I guess when these finally do arrive we can all look forward to customs charges as the items will be marked at more than £15 in value and will probably be marked in a value in dollars


Ok here’s the real rub, customs charges (VAT) only apply a if the items declared value is over £18 (Pounds) but if PostNL has screwed up the paperwork who knows what we will end up paying (Assuming we will get them at all!)

I did a Trustpilot check on PostNL. The results were not good at all they scored 0.8 out of 10 so why did Clockwork use them?!!


Limbo limbo and still limbo :disappointed::sob:


They had shown a photo of the parcels before shipping. It was marked as $19 something I believe.


UK Backer here, still got consignment since 19th

gameshell more like gamestuck hahaha

I’m sorry just deliver my package postnl.


I just got this message from Yong in reply to my email. This makes me happy :slight_smile:

I had contacted our shipping partner, they said on last Friday that UK packages are in transit from NL to UK, and should arrive “very soon”. We noticed the problems of our UK packages, we will keep a close eye on it. Pls. keep us posted for any new development.



So… I got in touch with PostNL to check if there was any further info. I asked them specifically if the package had left their company, and this was the reply…

“Hi David. I don’t have any more information. Please contact your local postal organization or sender. If there are any issues the sender could start an investigation at their local postal organization. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Kind regards, Sjoukje.”

This is really worrying. What they are saying here is that they cannot trace whether the item has left their company or not…which I find ridiculous!

@yong What happens if these packages are lost? Do we receive another in the post, preferably through a better and safer delivery method, or do we get the option of a refund? I’m getting increasingly anxious that nothing seems to be happening and would like some clarification on the issue.


This is pretty ridiculous. While PostNL are not coming across as doing anywhere near a decent job (as mentioned previously, how can they not know where packages that they deal with are/have been). It’s odd that it seems to be a UK specific thing. I’m guessing it’s a customs issue as Royal Mail generally aren’t this terrible.

Though this whole thing of shipping organisations/postal services passing around the blame while taking no accountability is pretty terrible customer service. It’d be good to get a detailed review of what actually happened when they packages finally arrive.


Well the thing is, it is not yours and only yours but probably all the GameShell that are supposed to go to the UK, I don’t know how many of them they supposed to have sent, but probably at least something like 30-40 minimum.

@yong @hal, have you heard from any UK backers that’s they’ve received something?

For me it really sounds like all the parcels has been put somewhere for “uk destination” and forgot (or lost) there


One backer in the thread about “shipping has started” got an update on RM that they have their parcel. Unknown if its been delivered as theres not been an update.

Everyone seems to be discounting the email I received from Yong which is a couple of posts above. They’ve noticed an issue with the UK orders and the contact regarding g deliveries have advised that they be left NL already, are on the way to the UK and will be there “very soon”.

We just need to sit back and see what the next couple of days bring.


That just don’t match

I mean that parcel unless stolen, or destroyed because plane crash, boat sinking etc… should be in a known location.
If PostNL (and I start to think that the interface people have used for PostNL is not the correct one to get information for our situation) and or RoyalMail should have informations, as you said in what I’m quoting, RM should have information is the parcels where on the UK soil even before being in custom because they are scanned.

So for me, something really wrong did happen, it is not a “custom don’t know what to do” or any other thing like that, if they were in custom it should be clear for most of our parcel that they are there. That one or two in total is missing tracking I would say, that can happen. But not how much it seems to be missing.


I understand that this is not an isolated issue. I’m simply adding to the list of people who have been in touch with PostNL and have been fobbed off with a lame, unhelpful answer.

I also wanted to make people aware that the company are now stating that they can’t even give any kind of information regarding it ever being forwarded from their location. The whole thing is very messy and possibly even dishonest.


Is this ‘Very soon’ from last Friday though? As in 9 days ago? If so, that’s also not encouraging surely.


Well it would not be super surprising they want to cover their ass if they made a really huge goof.


Indeed it would not…and more worryingly, it seems as if they might have.

As much as I like to complain about British stuff, the Royal Mail, in my experience, have been great. It’s really strange that there would be no info from them yet. Which is why I think something has happened and nobody is getting any solid information.


I’m not saying it matches. I’m just speculating that something has went wrong with the parcels as that’s clear to see. All I’m saying is before it appeared like we were doing the running around for the parcels but based on the email I received from Yong they’re aware of the situation and hav spoken with the carrier which is some progress at least.

Who knows what very soon or what Friday is even meant but at least theres progression and hopefully something will turn up in the very near future.


According to 17track, it still says "Consignment recieved but i refreshed the page and it says 1 at the top for transit, this may be good.


Just for clarification.


The most useless answer I ever saw,

Start to think it is not the proper interlocutor.

If PostNL can give value in tracking that mean s’that sole people there have informations, but looks like. Not the normal’way of contacting them.