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@Wizz Thanks for offering to help. We will contact you if we need you.


Thanks @yong for the clarifications :slight_smile:

Quick question, but does the parcel have such a sticker:


If not, maybe it is because of that they complain?!


Damn, I think I got rid of all my BL5C’s a few years back when I ran out of nokias :frowning:

Hopefully someone can split the packages and forward on without going back through HK, but I will eagerly await my final product no matter the new timescale. I guess we can all blame Samsung for this mess :frowning:


At the same time, Lithium battery that stay on shelves for a long time tend to degrade a lot


depends on storing conditions and charge


Length of storage in the end will win. They discharge (a lot) over time so whatever you do, after a couple of month, they get to 0 and start to degrade.


I’m all about sending the GS without the batteries, if the battery can be easily found on the likes of Amazon for example and if the battery is of the same quality, etc.

Thank you for the update @yong. Appreciate the private email as well.

What i do not understand is why this rule of sending the battery inside the device and not outside? Is it purely because if it’s outside of the device, its easier to damage while transporting? It sounds weird to me to not transport batteries while they are outside, but be totally fine to transport batteries alltogether. I mean if it was a case of soemthing exploding while mid air… commercial operated airplanes don’t ask you to not board on the plane with your cellphone *(which has a battery). Maybe i’m missing something obvious but for me this makes less to no sense.


Outside is not properly packaged could result in a short circuit and some really bad ending (fire)

But the battery used on the GameShell are properly packaged, and should have protections against short circuit…


LOL, maybe I should just assemble the GS’s then :wink:


Quick someone get a gofundme going for @Wizz :slight_smile:


No need. The fortune Wizz would make selling the batteries alone would be plenty :wink: haha.


Lol, I would settle for 1 or 2 gameshells to share with friends and the batteryshop i can start online :joy:


But honestly, I just want you guys to receive yours. I am learning so much and having so much fun with it, that i just want to share the joy. Honestly, I just think the dutch autorities are being a bit picky, but we’ll see when @yong will share the letter.


Yep, I assume it’s a box-checking exercise that if a battery is not connected then it could short circuit.

I would imagine that common sense is not allowed at customs so if it isn’t connected, it’s a big red mark. Regardless of whether it’s safe or not.


Until the battery is packaged properly, and here it is as it is in a bag and with foam around (it can’t move and nothing can’t fall on it)


It was in a bag and in foam if I recall correctly. Only in a plastic bag and not an anti static one. There are some pictures in the shipment thread…


And you especially DON’T WANT an anti static bag :smiley:

They are conductive! :sweat_smile:


I know so I really don’t understand the Dutch customs issue :joy: wording is a thingy :wink:


Good news! We finally had PostNL agree to start destroying the batteries for us. They estimated one week to finish destroying the batteries, and another 3-7 days to continue sending the rest of the parcels to you. In the same time, we need suggestions for battery suppliers in UK.


Yaaaaayyyyyy! I’m so bloody excited haha. Thanks so much. Why are you still up? Isn’t it like 5AM over there?