The UK Fellowship of the Limbo Parcel



YAY! Going to get the GameShell!


Yong, I took for granted that this issue is for ALL backers who have not recieved their GameShell? You only speak of UK (I know this thread is UK backers only, but this issue affects more than just people in the UK), as far as I know, no Swedish backers have recieved their GameShell either. If this issue is for UK backers only, what has happend to my (and every other Swedes) GameShell? Nothing has happend to my Tracking Status since July 12, and I know of a few Swedes who’s GameShell has at least gone one step further in the tracking process, but nothing since July 19.

EDIT: I have tried emailing Clockwork, but I am getting no answer.


Some posts further up advise that it includes some countries outside of the UK so I would assume these are on the same pallet. If your reference number advises it’s at the PostNL acceptance centre and has been for nearly a month then I’d say you’re in the same boat.


Thanks for pointing that out! That immediately puts my mind a bit more at ease :slight_smile:


I’m sorry. We did find out that this pallet contains all parcels to UK, and a few parcels to Sweden, Ireland, New Zealand and Denmark, etc. Please send me your tracking number so I can double check for you.


I’m not sure how to send you a private message with my tracking number. Can you send me a message so I can reply to it?


Or do you want me to just post my tracking number here?


Click on yong’s username or avatar in his last post, and then press the “Message” button on the popup that appears. That should give you a form that looks much like the thread post form, but for a private message to yong.


Wow, I feel bad for whoever’s getting theirs sent to New Zealand; that must still have a long journey ahead!


I can’t see any message button :frowning:


How very strange! This is what I get…

#223 and there?


No, no button there either… :confused:


I found a way to try to message yong, but I’m not allowed to for some reason. Just my luck.



At a guess, you proably need to do more in the forum, (chat, like etc). That should increase your level of access


Email the help email they have set up.


You’re probably right. I’ll take the morning to post on a few threads and see if it actually lets me message people :slight_smile:


I already gave that a try like a week ago. No reply.


DM please or another topic for unrelated discussions