The UK Fellowship of the Limbo Parcel



It’s not surprising that they have a rating of 0.5 stars out of 5…


I never had such problem on all of my Aliexpress order that was sent using PostNL :confused:


Neither have I with other KS projects or purchases shipping from CN. This is also the 1st time I’ve come across a “gateway” consignment.


Mine is still stuck at “item is ready for shipment” since the 12th of July. Doesn’t seem that the items are in transit ‘from NL to UK’ as clockwork’s partners seem to say.
There has definitely been a fuck up somewhere and no one wants to take the blame and instead we are given false hopes “they are in transit”, “very soon” etc. If this was my project and I would have hundreds of backers unable to get their products, I would call my shipping providers every day until they sort this shit…

I still think that PostNL cannot say where the packages are because they don’t have them yet… I still think they are in transit to NL from China, possibly even lost on the way.



Not necessarily, it happen that sometime some parcel miss one entry in the tracking, yours could be one of theses…

They are clearly not in transit from China to NL as there has been some tracking entries that does not come from china.

@Phreekz if you are still in contact with them, could you ask PostNL to explain what the entries in the tracking from their own website mean then?


Cool… So maybe they are indeed in NL, but maybe as some people pointed out, the packages were shipped with no bill or info? Regardless of what it is, clockwork team owes us a full response and not satisfy themselves with just telling people what they hear from their partners. They need to push their partners to give us a full answer, an answer that can shed light on what the hell is going on. It is not enough to just say ‘very soon’ when people can clearly see and smell there is something definitely wrong.

Shipment has started 2 weeks ago. I remember we paid for this shipment which was not something cheap either, so all in all, we as backers, are losing money at the moment.


Without bill or info, there would not have a tracking number

Needed some more soothing thing, so made another gradient animation:

(this one linked with the CheerLight IoT service)


I don’t want to add up to the frustration about this, but I find the description of the “PostNL Gateway to Europe” service in the website you linked before utterly contemptuous: “A minimum of 3 tracking updates throughout the delivery process”, yet no traceability when the recipient enquires about the parcel. What are those updates for? a placebo for lack of actual information?

Thanks for the animation BTW.


I think most people will agree with me here, It’s not up to us to sort this out. It’s up to the guys at clockworkPi and the shipping companies to get this sorted. I have exhausted my options with PostNL and they are no longer forthcoming with any kind of information.

This is getting far beyond what I as a consumer can do. It’s now over to clockworkPi to get this sorted. We have paid our money, yet we still are left in the dark and we have no idea when, or if, we will receive what we have paid for.


Can I join this Fellowship even though I’m in Ireland? My package is in limbo too :frowning: and I’m hoping that some people will start to receive theirs .


So Eire wasn’t spared the curse of “gateway” consignments either? By all means let us know, and bring some Guiness!


guessing it is actually stuck in NL, most likely there has been an issue and they are trying to send back to china. I really hope i’m wrong. Or it fell off a ship and the octopuses are using them, hear they hate windows.


When do we think it’s suitable to chase this again? TBH I’m getting tired and bored of waiting on it now that it’s going to get to the point where I’ll just put it in the back of a cuboard when it comes. Something tht would further more make me annoyed is if it turned up and a part was missing or it didn’t work…


Fellows, we are as worried as you do about the mysterious UK pacels, if not more worried, because we would have to resend all if lost.
We spoke with our shipping partner and PostNL again today, the good news is that they say all UK parcels are now in the United Kingdom land. Some parcels have already been delivered, we have asked them to provide a list of those lucky chaps. The others are still in UK custom or in transit. So the bad news is we have to wait a few more days to see if they are telling the truth.


@yong thank you very much for this update! It’s reassuring to see you reply and to provide us with this information. We’ll all be sure to keep everyone posted. Meanwhile I’ll be battering Royal Mails website with requests :grinning:



Thank you very much for this update. I’ll also be checking the Royal Mail site and I will keep you all updated if anything turns up.


Thanks @yong, much relieved that you managed to track the parcels. After all the effort put in developing this project it would be a bad joke if a significant part of them got lost in shipping.


Well, we will see, but what I really want the most is a clear explanation of why crossing the channel is so long. Most backer have already received theirs.

(and sorry, this was not suppose to be a super serious topic, just a location where to rant a bit, hence the #sandbox category :D)


Bigclive just posted that on his patreon channel:

Could it be a similar problem we currently have? o_o


@yong You da man! Can’t wait to get on the doom hype!