The UK Fellowship of the Limbo Parcel



Something must have happened to your parcel. Mine was tagged on the exact same date and time (05:05 on the Aug 16th), and then it arrived to Swedish customs on Aug 31st.


That’s my thoughts exactly! @yong , can you please look into this?


Email with explanation, tracking number and order number. They’ll ask you to do what I’m asking you to so you’re best doing it before they reply.


Thank you! I have now emailed them :slight_smile:


Thanks for your replies :slight_smile:
Seems like people prefer to read your messages than mine :sweat_smile:


Haha nah they read yours! Sometimes I’m just quicker off the draw as I’m forever perusing :wink:


If anyone is still waiting for theirs in Sweden, if it is stuck in customs also try to search for it on as they will send you a link to that site to pay customs, and that is another letter, that took a week to get for me.


That’s a good point, thanks!


Not heard from Yong for 8 days now since last contact. Still no parcel either. :frowning:
I guess I will never get my Gameshell.


We are aware there are still some parcels to UK and Sweden are either on the way or held in Customs. We have been contacting the shipping company and will make sure all backers receive their GameShell.


Thanks for the update, Yong. Hopefully this is resolved soon…


I know I’m offtopic here, but it’s kind of related…
@yong, backer in UK (yes, I have my GS), reporting that I have received the original battery, a few days ago! Cheers for taking care of that as well! You guys are amazing!


A parcel just arrived! It contained a clockworkpi branded battery :slight_smile:

Thanks for sorting this out.


I got my battery too, fun times :smiley:


Yet another happy battery recipient. Thanks @yong for all the effort to make this possible.


Well, good news is I received the clockworks battery today! Thanks guys!
Bad news though is, still no Gameshell :frowning: Ho hum…


Wow, Happy to know you have your… battery :smile:

At least you have one part of it :wink:

I trully hope that you will receive your gameshell really soon…


Hi I just wanted to let @yong know I have my gameshell it is fully assembled came safely with Battery and works great.

Thank you very much


Well, this is good news! First time in 2 months there’s activity! Still no Royal mail tracking but hopefully that’ll come soon…



Good to read about it!