The UK Fellowship of the Limbo Parcel



Mine is from IGG and cost 108


I honestly don’t know what was offered on the IGG campaign


Mine arrived this morning here in Ireland. No customs duty charged :slight_smile: I’ve finished assembling mine but I screwed up with the battery I’d ordered, hoping to get it up and running straight away. The one I bought off Amazon isn’t the right size. Oh well, at least it’s finally in my hands now.


I presume you already know you can run it off a USB charger, without the battery connected.


It’s not working for me but it could be down to something not being connected properly. I’ll take another look tomorrow.


Hi guys,
Still nothing for me in the UK - mine’s still stuck in limbo… :frowning:


At least royal mail knows about it.

You should ask Royal Mail about… :confused:


I bought this one.
No issues so far :slight_smile:


This topic will be a good resource for you in the hopes of finding a battery.


I’m afraid this is the same situation I am in.

I’m also one of the unlucky ones and I don’t know what to do.


@Sensei and @gw0001: if you have a tracking number that RoyalMail recognise, first of all, contact RoyalMail asap to know what they knows about the parcel. Maybe they have a problem with it (damaged sticker or whatever)

If Royal Mail have no information they can give you, then contact CPI, look at @yong messages to get the proper email.


Hi. Just spent the past 25 minutes on hold with the UK post office customer service. They said that they were advised by the people in Netherlands on the 25th August of the item, but have not yet received it. Having looked back on this forum and on the Kickstarter comments, many UK people have received their items already in August, yet almost 3 weeks later, I still don’t have mine.

Is there any chance the senders can find out the latest update as this is becoming a chicken/egg situation now where everybody is saying go to someone else and nothing is getting done.


Ok so that something only CPI can look at if RM haven’t seen it :confused:
Damn that start to get annoying that situation.

I feel really sorry @Sensei even if I can’t do a lot here :confused:

Contact CPI via the email provided by @yong:

I really hope it is going to be sorted really soon…


I did contact the help@ email and provided them with all the info. I hope they can sort it…


Swedish customs took a really long time to be cleared. It was stuck in swedish customs for 10 days. It finally arrived today, hope you get yours soon as well!


Finally got mine as well yesterday. Took some time, but the product really does looks good!


Happy to hear that some of you finally got their own.

@Sensei, I hope CPI will come back to you fast


I don’t know what to do TBH. Yong told me that my parcel was stuck in “that UK pallet”, as he put it. Nothing has happend with the tracking status for my GameShell since August 16, but still, a lot of people who had their GameShell stuck in “that UK pallet” have been recieving their parcels for weeks now. I’m beginning to worry something has happend to it.


In which country are you?


Sweden. A few Swedes have recived theirs.