The UK Fellowship of the Limbo Parcel



A shipped product with false information regarding value.
These are very likely being held because they UNDERDECLEARED THE VALUE.
This is postal fraud and has halted almost 200 parcels!
I didn’t (and wouldn’t) ever request this, because I pay every penny owed to pathetic UK customs - this was done by the shipper, not me.
So yes, it is their fault entirely.


How do you know it’s false information? Value isn’t cost paid. Maybe it’s only valued at $19.05. Maybe that’s how much it costs for them to make each one. Nobody knows. The point you’re missing is that ALL of the GS were shipped from the NL. It just so happens the UK bound pallet was selected for customs checks. So out of ALL of the GS sent from NL the ones held back are only a small percentage. These things happen. We’ve been advised of the situation and to give it a few days for customs to contact the Clockwork team. It’s not ideal but at the end of the day haven’t you other things you can do than sit and refresh the PostNL page? Maybe look at the code or create some games. Here’s a hug HUG.


Now I feel so much better.
Might actually get the product I paid for, too.
But obviously I’m being unreasonable to expect that.


You absolutely have no idea why NL customs decided to look at this pallet. Don’t make any guess like that and consider it as the truth.

So please stop it.


Stop discussing a completely plausible possibility?
That makes perfect sense.
So what exactly is the point of this forum?


This has been talked about over and over again. I suggest you read this thread from the first post until the end and you shall get all the answers you wish. If you want a refund then I’m not sure it can be had based on the fact it was a KS or IGG project. If it can be had then you’ll need to await your products arrival and then send it back to China - hopefully it doesn’t get stuck in customs on it’s return.


Yes. I’m sorry. This hold-up also include a few parcels Ireland, Norway and Sweden.


The latest info we got is that this hold-up is caused by the Li-ion battery, apparently the NL Custom considers it dangerous to ship. We are contacting them for resolutions, either trying to pay them to destroy the batteries and continue ship the rest parts, or to return to HK to resend.
I will keep you guys posted here for new development.


Thanks @yong, really

But what?

Seriously that’s a bit Oh Fuck here. There has been thousand of them to be shipped through them but they didn’t stop all of them but took just one palette and now they are saying “oh yeah but”?

Are they kidding us?

(Edit: sorry if that post sounds offensive, but I’m a bit upset that mine is part of the one that get stuck in such an excuse of a reason, this is clearly not about CPI, but the NL custom that are just toying with us)

Edit2: I really hope that you will quickly find a solution, but I doubt they will accept to open every parcel to remove a single item.
Do they say on which point they claim the battery to be dangerous?
And if they consider it to be “too dangerous” I really fear they are not going to send it back…
That really sounds like all the parcel are going for destructions (or sold locally as part of an auction or something similar :|)

Edit3: Geez, that week started really bad here :frowning:


Ah well that’s that f****d then int it.


Just tell them to ship it by boat… or that we as backers will go there to take it :slight_smile: I’m kidding, obviously.

Honestly, all packages went through post NL and they delivered hundreds of them. Now they saying it’s dangerous…


New lithium batteries and cells inside/contained in equipment

  • Max. lithium content per cell: 1 gr / 20 wh; max. lithium content per battery: 2 gr /100 wh
  • Max 4 cells or 2 batteries per device per shipment
  • Batteries and cells that are not inserted in a device and loose batteries/cells are not allowed to be sent.
  • Built-in cells and batteries must be prevented from discharging and must be securely packaged within a rigid outerpacking.
  • There may be no danger of overheating or short-circuiting • Batteries must be free of damage / defects and must be approved.

This is from the postnl website. I’ve had a look at pictures people have taken of the packaging and the battery isn’t inserted into a device so may well fall foul of rule 3.


Constructive conversation at a guess.

If you want a refund, I’ll buy yours from you when it arrives. Save you having to go through the hassle of getting a refund from Clockwork.


Of all things that it could have been. Lol. Hope we get them in the end :smile:

This delay makes me even more excited to get mine. With all the trouble the reward is double. Cheers


@yong: if I recall correctly these battery restrictions apply to air freight. For the units meant for the UK, it could be possible to negotiate road transport through the channel tunnel.


Thanks! You are right, but it’s too late already. We would do that next time.


I wouldn’t be surprised that the whole consignment is either lost, stolen or damaged by mishandeling. This latest BS is PostNL’s way of buying time.

Even if this customs BS is true if I ever get this it may not have a battery? so then what?
If they do get sent back then what? How long is it going to take for you to receive them and then send them back again, Another two-three months??? I sincerely hope you DO NOT use PostNL ever again!

I know this is not Clockwork’s fault but I am extremely angry, we have been waiting for these since “shipping started” on the 28th of June, it’s now the 9th of August.

Perhaps next time Clockwork will use a decent delivery company so your indiegogo backers will not have to go though this crap.


The biggest question is… If they are lost, stolen or destroyed, do we still get another console back or refund? Honestly I would still like the console but I’m not sure I’m willing to wait another 2 months or more… Sad day…


Folks, as much as I’m miffed about this as you are, we need to stay chill until we get answers. It’s easy to get angry but it’s not Clockworks fault and I’m sure the decisions in the process were long and thought out. The team are trying to get answers from PostNL still about what can be done and when they get a response they’ll update us and tell us our options.

Yeah it’s not ideal and yeah we might have to wait more time to get a GS but based on the reviews and everyone else who’s using it then itll finally be worth it when it arrives.

Let’s try and help by not becoming aggressive. Below I’ve given a list of all the questions people want for @yong ro answer when they have answers just to keep it all in one place.

1 - If PostNL send back the parcels how long will it take us to get them?

2 - If PostNL destroy the parcels then what will happen to our backing? Will there be refunds or replacements?

3 - If you remove the battery when receiving the parcels back then does that mean we must buy another battery? (Based on other peoples comments I see these are common batteries found in mobile phones).

4 - Will you be using PostNL to re-ship the parcels if they come back to you for re-distribution?

I’ll add more questions here as they arise.

Thanks for your efforts so far CW team.


Agreed, dealing with the batteries separately might be a quicker way to get the gs delivered. Maybe clockworkpi could arrange supply from a ebay shop or something