The UK Fellowship of the Limbo Parcel


#122 website didn’t advise the VAT was on the postage also but that’s still cool with me it would be buttons on the postage.


Oh and in the case the goods are seized, you receive a letter from HMRC (and normally the tracking clearly show something)

Also RoyalMail do all the paper work for you when your parcel have VAT&Custom to pay (and add their own tax but that’s a different story)


I don’t know if people here watch the thread in KS but what this backer from Austria said is interesting:

“Regarding customs: The declaration on the package is for “Handheld Games Console Accessories Suit” with a total value of USD 19,05. Surely the people there’ve noticed, that this is only the cost of materials. So they ask us for some kind of receipt or invoice.
I have mailed them a screenshot of my pledge on KS for the project + copies of the receipts/invoices from KS and PM. In the mail I’ve told them, that this is some electronics kit (like those for Raspberry Pi) and asked them to make the customs clearance.
From what I’ve seen, they’re already finished with that and my GS will be delivered to me in the next few days and I’ll have to pay import sales tax (in my case this is 20%).”

Does anyone know the contact details from


That’s Austria though. In the UK if theres customs to be paid then Royal Mail will post a card through the door to take to their sorting office and you can collect it. Royal Mail know zilch about the parcels and they can check if it’s in customs.

I’ve given up. At what point do we either get confirmation of when we’ll get them, get new ones or offered replacements?

@yong @hal - please help this situation and let us know what’s going on as there’s 173 backers in the UK with no GS and no information when you advised that your be contacting them every day a few days ago but only provided a single update. Sorry but being left in the dark is wearing thin on everyone when they’ve spent a good bit of hard earned cash.


Until Royal Snail sees the package, it must reach UK first… My point is, maybe we need to contact Post NL to offer them more information. Maybe the packages have missing CN22 form which is required for customs clearance. We need to have a way to push them through the chain if they are stuck in Netherlands. But I have given up on this as well, although I do not want to give up on the product itself…


I dont want to give up on the product and would be happy to wait because these things can happen but the issue is the fact that we and no-one else know where the parcels are. PostNL are saying they’re all now in the UK but when we contact them they tell us to contact the shipper which is Yong etc but they’re just advising what PostNL are saying which is that they’re in the UK.

I’ve called Royal Mail on a few occasions and they know nothing of the parcels. They go into UK customs when they arrive and RM can see them on their internal system even if they don’t show on track and trace but they have no sight of them which means they’ve not entered the UK as they’d be booked into customs already. So we’ve got different people saying different things and no-one is none-the-wiser as to where their GS is. If RM said on their site that they had it then I’d stop chasing things or if we’d get regular and daily updates from the Clockwork team even if it’s to say they’ve contacted them and they advise of nothing new then I’d feel more happy about it but silence isnt the way forward in this situation and serves nothing but to cause uncertainty.

So the short answer is that there’s no point in contacting PostNL as we’ve all done it for a long time to be told there’s nothing they can do and to speak to shipper.


As a side note, I’ve messaged yong and still no word. I’m getting pretty stick of this and thinking of speaking to Kickstarter as we are getting nowhere with clockworkPi.


I’ve also messaged help@clockworkpi and waiting for a reply. I have a feeling i’ll be left waiting. Good luck with kickstarter… They’re not really great in dealing with projects that do not fulfill their pledges… In 2 years of using KS, I am yet to see them staying behind the backers and helping them out.


No point. I had a backing (to be clear, that was another project other than a GS; I used IGG for the GS) that was successful but the guys just stopped replying for months now and KS haven’t even acknowledged a single complaint or report I’ve sent them.

I’ve emailed Yong as well. There’s actually nothing else we can do but wait and hope someone gets back to us with relevant info or the post pulls a blinder and delivers them to us tomorrow lol.


Chance would be a fine thing!

I’ve commented on a few posts on their Facebook page. The last time I asked there they just directed me here (which is useless because they are not answering here either). They are still taking orders and advertising, so they are still active!


Don’t wanna face it… but sounds to me that they pretty much dropped the ball for all the packages with problems. The good thing is, some KS packages (other countries than UK) which had troubles updating are pushing through. Slowly. Hopefully ours will come by December if at all. I volunteer to go myself and bring all 137 packages from Netherlands if they tell me where they are, lol…


I’m not concerned about Clockwork not delivering so to speak. They’d be mad to ruin the opportunity as its had raving reviews. We will get them I dont doubt it, it’s just unknowing and not getting answers which I’m struggling with.


Luckily for you lot I’m heading off on holiday this week, meaning it’ll most likely arrive as soon as I leave the country =P


I have officially reached the end of the rope with this, its been stuck on “Consignment received at the PostNL Acceptance Centre” Since 19th of July!



Anyone else just after a refund now?
Mine was shipped on 7th July.
A month of waiting is just taking the p!ss, even customs don’t take this long.


As most backers have received their GameShells. We are extremely sorry to tell some of you that because one of our shipping pallets (which contains all parcels to UK) was unfortunately chosen for inspection by the Netherlands Customs, by today, these parcels are still being held up in inspection in Netherlands.

We are as worried as all the backers who have not received their GameShells. We are actively chasing our shipping partner, carrier and PostNL to push forward the inspection and Customs clearance.

Through our communication with PostNL, they promised to issue an official inspection letter in two days to show us the information and status of the inspection. We will share this document with you once received.

We will press the PostNL further for more clarification, if this official inspection letter does not contain all the information we want to know. No matter what happens, we will be responsible for all of you backers who have not received GameShells. Please let us stay together and wait for a few more days for a good result.


Thanks for this update @yong it’s much appreciated. I’m sure I speak for everyone else when I ask if it’s possible you could give us regular updates on the situation even if there’s nothing new to report?

This information you’ve advised greatly differs from what they told you last time which was that the parcels were in the UK already. I sincerely hope you’ve given them stern words about the fact they’ve clearly lied to you which has resulted in you giving us false information; which of course isn’t your fault.

Thanks again!


@yong. Does this hold-up also apply to other countries? I’m in Ireland which is in the EU but isn’t part of the UK. My parcel has been in limbo since the 19th of July also.


I would imagine it’d be arriving on the same pallet as ours. Its frustrating but there’s not a lot we can do about it, we just have to wait on customs going their thing.

Shipment has started!

A refund? for a shipped product?

It is not CPI’s fault if the product is held by NL customs.