uConsole as a Tool: SigDigger, DJI GO, etc

The software running in this photo is SigDigger, a digital signal analyzer. I’m interested in how the uConsole could be used as a multi-tool of sorts for managing and configuring networks of all types. Might be interesting to control a drone from it too.

Anyone have any other cool ideas for using the uConsole as a tool?

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I am going to plug my USB SDR into it and use it as a portable SDR rig.


Might be potential to use as a pentesting tool. Smaller than a laptop. Would like to be able to go places and scan for wireless networks and devices and save the gps coordinates of where they were scanned and what the signal strength was.

With the CM4 run most of a full Kali pen test suite.


Probably run Fldigi for ham radio rig control and digital communcations over radio…

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do you run GPSD? - always an issue getting it working the first time…once it works it pairs well with Foxtrot