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so, odd… down this road… got a cm4 4g on the way… i know phone uses the 3.5mm… so i went looking for a 3.5mm to bluetooth adapter… most say tx or rx… great… but does anyone have a confirmed bluetooth phone adapter… not an aux adapter…

Yeah this is my plan too. In my limited testing, the Risc version of the uconsole has acceptable battery life for a phone. I determined that I have to create or borrow an ncurses type interface for a good experience. In any case, I think the biggest blocker here is the lack of touch screen, so postmarket OS wouldn’t really work out of the box. I’m going to code up a convenient “GUI” for the risc version.

As far as the modem goes, my copy does not have the modem, but I know Quectel EG25-G is well-supported in linux because of the Pinephone. It also has a third party open source firmware. I was thinking of getting one on ebay and building the OS and “phone” around that.

From my perspective, the lack of a mic is a feature. You can plug it in when you need it. It’s a non-issue.

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Awesome! Lack of touchscreen would be probably hard to solve with custom digitiser solution, but probably still possible.

Great UI for calls would be awesome. Let me know if I can contribute on that.

i propose a uc command:

uc sms to send an sms, either take tui input or cli args
uc sms -r to read sms
uc tel to make a call, either take tui input or cli args

i’ll think about this more but that’s a start


You guys may want to look into Ubuntu Touch and how they handle SMS. They have text from command line already working on supported cellphones and you may be able to use the same method instead of building stuff from scratch.

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we can use AT commands directly make phone calls and send text messages in linux cli


It talks about sending an SMS, however I think it would be great if it were possible to receive an SMS as well.

Several apps like Signal and WhatsApp (from other handheld devices, where the SIM card was taken out of, to put into the uConsole cellular modem) will want to receive 6-digit verification codes over SMS sometimes.

SMS receiving is possible via Modem Manager GUI.

However, due to the Network Manager version bump during Ubuntu 22.04 release, the default Network Manager plugin in Modem Manager GUI can cause it crash on start.

By removing this plugin it can resume to starting fine, but you can’t manage the connection and record used traffic any more in Modem Manager GUI. This shouldn’t be a big deal since you can always manage the connection via Network Manager directly.

Here is the full setup for make it nice and usable:

Step-by-Step guide
  1. Enable the LTE modem, and restart the Modem Manager service once restarted it.
    # If you are using CM4 model, use your model's LTE model startup script.
    # This one is for A06 model.
    sudo uconsole-4g
    # Restart Modem Manager to let it pick up the modem correctly.
    sudo systemctl restart ModemManager.service
  2. Install the package
    sudo apt install modem-manager-gui
  3. Before starting the Modem Manager GUI, rename the problem causing plugin file so it can properly start.
    sudo mv /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/modem-manager-gui/modules/libmodcm_nm09.so /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/modem-manager-gui/modules/libmodcm_nm09.so_
  4. And here we go, launch the Modem Manager GUI from Application - System - Modem Manager GUI.
  5. On first startup setup screen, just use default settings.
  6. Once you get in to main GUI you should go Edit - Preferences,
    1. In Behaviour tab, enable:
      • Hide window to tray on close
      • Add program to autostart list
    2. In SMS tab, under Custom command - command, fill in:
      notify-send --icon /usr/share/modem-manager-gui/pixmaps/sms-tb.png -t 60000 '%n' '%t'
    3. Click Apply to save the settings.

Now you got your Modem Manager GUI set up, and it will notify you when a new SMS is received, as long as the Modem Manager GUI is running, even if your system is sleeping.

The received message will stay on screen for 1min, and you can goto Modem Manager GUI’s SMS tab to manage all your received SMS messages, and send new SMS from there also.

Also: The tray icon of Modem Manager GUI is a blank one for some weird reason. If you need to access it from tray, try find a weird blank spot in the tray area and right click it. You can always bring back the UI via launching the Modem Manager GUI again from Application menu, no new instance will be launched, it will only resume the existing one.

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It’s icon pack’s problem, change to Numix if you don’t want install other icon pack or install paper-icon-theme and icon will show up on tray.

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Placing a phone call works. Receiving a phone call works - but you’d have to know that the phone is ready for you to answer. uConsole doesn’t ring :slight_smile:

This may need more investigation since Gnome Phone doesn’t have a settings for setting ringtones. It relys on the settings side to done the work… and XFCE doesn’t have that.