Uconsole pre order!

+1 for wishing for a proper d-pad! (or well, a general hope that the directional buttons are better than on the DevTerm)

I’m also eager to see some more real world pics of it in use. Because in my mind it resembles a Pocket Operator, but then I’m sure in reality it’s wayyyy bigger than that.



Well you can see the comparison with a DevTerm above which is about the size of a DVD case, just a little bit wider.

And yeah, really wish they would do a “rocking” style d-pad instead of the separate button thing, basically every other device for retro game emulation, fantasy console etc. has that style.


Pre-ordered almost right away… and felt buyers’ remorse 5 minutes later :smiley:
I just have too many gadgets with no use cases for them, but this will basically make Devterm obsolete for me. But I love it already.
I just wish it would have a touch screen finally. It’s not that I need it most of the time, but how much would that add to the price, 2$? For me that would make it more useful for ScummVM, DOSBox, Exult etc.

For those who know what that is this is basically Pocket C.H.I.P. reborn and even the size is veeery close - based on the images and comparison to my PC it’s almost the same height and will be ~1-1.5cm wider (half an inch).


Pretty sure it will be a proper shutdown button, because the one on DevTerm is.

With full metal body I’m sure it can easily cool the A53 cores, with the A72 not so sure but hope as well.

I think the images show expansion port cutout so it should be accessible I hope.

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I realized I preordered but have no delivery estimation. Anyone have a guess?

did someone say pocketchip (scaling may be totally wrong… who knows)


The shop page says approx 90 days, so that’s my guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we swap out cores on all the models on cm4 version?

It’s not excatly the same some hopfully it’s been refined. But yep just normal D pad would be fine…

Curious about the main board CPI3.14 “revision 5” – different from the DevTerm?
Curious about the 4G LTE ext board – DT compatible?

I can’t justify having another pocket computer, but it’s so cute I keep coming back to this thread every day. It’s killing me ((

Edit: mkay ordered anyway. At least this is my 50cents for a cool company.


Hi could we use something like this inside the cm4 version BIGTREETECH CB1 - A Raspberry Pi CM4 compatible Allwinner H616 system-on-module - CNX Software

I just pre ordered one, CM4 with 4G.

I have a GameShell years before.

For me, uConsole is so nice, the design, all metal case and the 4G capabilitie…

But I am really worried about the lead time of the first batch. I live in China and as a manager of a small OEM company, I know the COV19 and supply chain issue is really the problem.

My personal suggestion for the ClockworkPi team is focusing on the layout, the metal case, the main and 4G board. Don’t put too much effort to the A04, A06, at least within this period… Even the raspberry pi is still under shortage, I think fighting with the PCBA OEM supplier for the customized A04, A06 core board and maintaining the rom for them will take much effort than that.

I don’t know how many mambers in the ClockworkPi team at 2022. I hope my suggestion is helpful and the uConsole can be delivered quicker.

Meanwhile. I just noticed the main board, the battery board seems the same as for the DevTerm. If so there is really not so much work to do about the PCBA thing for this new device. Good news.

For the metal case, our company have about 100 vertical CNC machines, sand blasting machines and aluminum anodizing production line, located in Suzhou. We product the metal case of laptops for years. So if the metal case is the delivery bottleneck, I’m really glad to cooperate with the ClockworkPI team :smiley:

Just to add if DevTerm is any indication ClockworkPI is one of the few companies, maybe along with Pine64, I’ve dealt with within the last 3 years that delivered their product on time. That was a year ago when the global situation was arguably worse than it is today. I don’t know how they do it but I was pleasantly surprised with how fast I received my DevTerm (though this is based more on my feeling than measuring the time).
Other companies which I backed/pre-ordered from had their products delayed to some extent - Pocket Popcorn Computer, Purism (Librem 5 delay is getting ridiculous in all fairness…).
Here’s hoping the same will be true for uConsole.

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Got the CM4 version! Planning on using it as a hardware TIC-80 console

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Got as in received or ordered and awaiting delivery? I plan on using the version I ordered for TIC 80 and Pico 8 too :slight_smile:

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Super excited about this! I ordered the CM4 version. Now I just need to figure out a project for it.

as ordered. I highly doubt I can get it in 90 days given the supply chain issue of the CM4 and how many ppl are ordering the CM4 version.


I ordered mine today (cm4).


Hi there,

Ordered mine, 25 October but I didn’t receive any confirmation email. Am I the only one ?