uHub Expansion Card

Would it be possible for me to have the connector included as well please? Order #432287

Yes, I will include connector.

I’d love to pick one up that has the added internal USB function. But your link says out of stock?

Thats great thanks. I’ve ordered both but am thinking the uHub will be the most useful to me (when I get my uConsole that is). Excellent work and very appreciated.

Damn, my order has shipped already. Was going to ask for the connector as well. Guess I’ll wait until you have the USB-A board ready and purchase all then.

Very disappointed to receive a message that you can’t ship internationally. Hopefully this will be fixed someday. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I think there are pcb files available but im not sure if its ok to use them to make your own

You could use these ones though and use something like pcbway or jlcpcb to print them

Yeah, I got some packages returned from customs and I need to figure out what’s goes wrong.
I will do my best to fix this situation!

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It’s totally ok to do this boards by yourself, license is quite open(MIT/APACHE).

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Might have tp do that for your upico board then

Thank you. Please let me /us know when you have managed to get the issue sorted for UK shipping. :sunglasses:
Although i’m not looking forward to checking everyday to see if it’s in stock to order again :rofl: