Update: uConsole shipping related


I got my shipping notice:

Order Number: 201XX
Model: CM4
4G Module?: No
Color: Silver
Carrier (e.g FedEx): FedEx
Country: Germany
Order Date: November 4th 2022

A little over one year. That’s the time I expected when I placed the order.



Got my shipping notification as well!
Order number: 200XX
Model: CM4
4G: No
Color: Black
Carrier: DHL
Country: USA
Order Date: Nov 1, 2022


Same specs, 202XX here. Nothing still. Alex has told me the last order with that number that shipped was 196XX. That was as of Nov 13 this year.

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no and no. I have a higher spec’d cm4 than clockworkpi is shipping :slight_smile:


Sweeeeet me too and my cm4 is coming in soon, just need to wait for it to get to 249xx from 202xx :rofl:


I am SO HAPPY for you!!! I know you have waited forever!!! and look forward to your review and helpful hints… cleaning my work space at home so I’ll have space to assemble - I have so much stuff!!! papers, toolboxes old computers/laptops and a ham radio of two etc in my space… 90% junk!!! but it’s my junk and I’ll deal with it…

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Arrived today. Man, I couldn’t be more happy with the quality of this thing. Packed well, no damage. Looks really nice physically. Fits well in my hands. PCBs are routed nice, and the board population looks high end.

This thing is cherry. Great job CPI.


yes, i get it today as well. incredible product! but doesn’t turn on for me! Checking that…

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Ordered in February, CM4 module. Dunno what order number. It will arrive eventually . . .

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Are ANY A06 units shipping?

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got my hopes up after i got the shipping email and now it’s been sitting 3 days at “Shipment information received” maybe it’ll get here before the tracking updates since it’s express shipping…

First of all - very happy you got your notice - when I ordered the DevTerm - I received the shipping information received but by the time status was finally updated it was already half way here… You’ve waited a long … long… long…long time - in the final stretch !

I’m Order 20019 (CM4 Wifi) ordered Oct 31 2022.

Finally received a shipping notification on Monday (Nov 20 2023). No info on the tracking yet but I’m happy it’s finally on its way. It’s about time! Over a year. More-or-less what I expected, but still has been a hard wait … definitely longer than the 90 business days lmao.


seems it’s sat for 4 days now on “shipping info received” and hasn’t moved. not a good experience with clockwork at all. when i initially ordered there was no mention of pre-order and it advertised 90 days with express shipping. every communication i;ve got from the alex or the biz@ email was not the most forthcoming. multiple “next batch” emails. i will absolutely not be ordering anything else from them.

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Relax, it’s the same for me. My label was created on November 17th, and since then I’ve been waiting for the next step. I estimate that Clockwork will hand over the parcel on Friday.

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I can’t believe you got your shipping email and are still bitching about how slow things are. Wait a freaking week, it’s not like it’s going to be another year. Or take the attitude to some other forum. You’re preaching to a bunch of people who are still waiting for their uConsole when you’ve basically already got yours. Show some tact and shut the f**k up.


Agreed but language… Those who have shipping label prepared should be thankful… Still waiting on my email . Maybe it will arrive before Christmas…

Damn, Blast and assorted bad words…

Yay… Uconsole dropped off by the Fedex fairies
Bit of a scuff on the front plate, the Uconsole logo is partly erased, no problem

The problem is, on powering up, the screen has a crack running along the bottom right corner, invisble to see and not to the touch until it powers on.

Bottom third of the screen is black, the rst is pixelated and unuseable.

Sent an email to Alex, hopefully a replacement can be sourced and sent on.

Ah… the saga continues… :sunglasses: