Update: uConsole shipping related

Damn sorry to hear that, are they gonna send you a new one







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Order No. 25xxx no information since i bought it on Nov 21, 2023.

uConsole Kit RPI-CM4 Lite
Color: Matte Silver
Type: WIFI only
Core: Raspberry Pi CM4 104000 lite


My # and config is close to yours. We are probably going to be waiting awhile :confused:

Yeah probably just instantly stolen (the delivery guy must have known what it was), this is Spain.

Snoozer94, no I didn’t even contact ClockWorkPi (not their fault), I just instantly bought another one. Actually I am in a kind of “rush” to get it. It’s a surprise present for a person that wanted it for years and we’re a bit “scared” that we will not have it in time (you know, life cycles and such).

I would recommend emailing alex, he might be able to send you one

It’s oke. I bought another one already, we have the 27900~ number (278xx… something). It’s not about the money tho. Shouldn’t take long as I see this last days deliveries, I hope.



Hateful how people always take the chance to do wrong and play with the illusions of people.

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Seems like that at Clockwork LLC they enjoy making fun of paying people waiting for their delays.
In january they said there were 2 batches before my device. Yesterday they said that there are still 7 batches. When I asked if they were kidding me they replied that now there are still 10 batches.
That’s not funny and I did not pay 279$ to hear b*******s from that a*****e replying from help@clockworkpi.com.
That’s NOT professional, NOT serious, NOT acceptable.

I waited more than a year for a FlipperZero but never had to complain or contact them since they constantly updated all their customers and they were fully transparent about production and shipping times.

You can’t let people wait for months and months after they paid 279$ without any form of official update by mail, only relying on that forum where a “one man band” sometimes gives some random information about “batches” and where random people try to predict when will they see what they paid for.

Anyway, I opened a case with PayPal for item not received. Since they like making fun of paying people, then for me it’s funny taking the money back. And whoever has a modicum of self-respect should do the same. I will wait for a cheaper chinese clone from AliExpress instead (oh that’s funny too!).

Clockwork LLC are dishonest or completely incompetent people and I will spread that word wherever I can.

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Why not just ask for a refund? It sounds like they honor all refund requests.


“It sounds”. As for as I know, that entire forum could be a scam and all accounts saying that received the device or the refund could all be fakes. Why not?

If they want to take the money they could always post on PayPal a proof that the device has been sent today. I see a lot of people trying to justify Clockwork LLC in tousands of ways. I’m saying that I have only written evidence that they are NOT reliable at all. Neither for a startup.

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this is what this whole process feels like sometimes

I did not pay for this, sorry. No one here did, I think. No one here is a charity.
If you cant’t ship, you must not sell. Otherwise it’s fraud. Easy.

Anyway, interesting (more “open”) alternative for those who don’t mind about wasting time and money… GitHub - ByteWelder/Decktility: A handheld PC

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As others said before - just ask for your money back, so others wait a bit less

I wonder what makes you say that if some people ask for money back other people will wait less…
Maybe if the waiting list is shorter they decide to go slower because the demand is lower.
Have you ever considered that?
Anyway, you’re free to be teased…

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Funny. It seems that you do not have a lot of experience dealing with small chinese electronics suppliers.