Using the DevTerm with a Kindle

Hullo, haven’t posted in a while, because honestly I haven’t found too many uses for my DevTerm. I’m traveling around the world with it and I used it for a while to work on the website of my travel blog, but once the site stopped misbehaving I stopped needing to use a proper desktop browser with devtools.

One use I would have liked to assign the DevTerm was ebook management on my Kindle, and I installed Calibre successfully to that end. But then, to my dismay, I never managed to have any sign of life from the Kindle on the DevTerm when plugged in. I tried every USB-A port, and Calibre sees nothing, dmesg sees nothing. I tried searching a bit but can’t find anyone else with a similar problem.

Does any have any idea what could help? Thanks!

If you Kindle has wireless - does accessing Calibre over wireless work?

Thanks! It’s mostly perfect for me (covers don’t work, but that’s minor)

Still curious as to why it doesn’t connect via USB, but that solves the issue.