Where Do I Put My Rom?

I’m wondering where I put my roms. I downloaded one already, but I’m not sure where to put it in Filezilla. Should I put it in Retroarch or in games?

Hey Quokka - the answer depends on your CPI configuration and etc.

There is a very valuable Retroarch Megathread with lots of configuration info

Thanks. I’m trying to add a Nintendo Gameboy game. I know that gambatte is a good core for that, but I’m not sure how to use it.

Sounds like you’re loading Roms via Retroarch.
You can actually put it anywhere, and tell Retroarch to search for it there. You can also use the main menu to open up content, and navigate to its respective folder.

By default, the game shell assumes Roms are in the games directory, with respective subfolders. You can change where different emulators (from the games he’ll menu, as opposed to from Retroarch) find the Roms.

Out of interest, is there any reason you’re choosing to use Gambatte over the stock standalone emulators? Generally, the standalone run better. Unless you’re using something retro arch specific, eg shaders etc, it can get more confusing trying to use an additional core. You’ll have to do a lot more configuration and fiddling.

I only chose Gabatte because I didnt know that you can use standalone emulators and that I’m not sure how to do it.

Hey Quokka -

You have two options for emulating classic games:

  • RetroArch: which is a “frontend” where you load the “core” (that is, the system you want to emulate) and the “rom” (the game itself) - as you have seen already, it can be very complex for a novice user, but in my opinion is the best way to emulate. Many old and cult systems are supported in RetroArch

  • A standalone emulator: you only need to load the games on it. Each standalone has its own requirements as to “where to load”, “how to play”, etc. i suggest you read this link - standalone emulators usually work better, are faster and implement a lot of the original quirks.

In any case, you need to understand how to use SSH to move file to/from the CPI to your own computer. Read this link for more on that using Tiny Cloud.

good luck