Why does CPi mock us

With a response like this its a wonder a dumpster fire can carry on…

its no wonder i rage quit twice. wont make that mistake again

I knew you’d come here. You want to make it public, fine.
A. How did I mock you? You asked a question and I answered, what’s wrong with that? After all the fuss on the forum and exchanged emails last time, that’s the way you see it?
B. I’ve made contact to hundreds of community members. May I ask, did anyone feel that I was mocking you?
C. Why don’t you show the community the whole conversation? Don’t want to show them your language?
D. Customer service doesn’t mean your personal emotion garbage bin.
E. You want to talk about last time. Fine. Don’t you know why your order was cancelled? Because you put an order, days later you wanted to upgrade. I told you it had to be done manually, and had it done for you. Days later, guess what, you didn’t want the upgrade anymore. I told you, the record would be confusing, I had to cancel it so you can put another order. How is that “cancelled without your permission”?
F. Like I said in the email, having some manners won’t kill you.


Without more context, it does look like mocking to answer “who is the shipping partner” with instead an answer to “what is a shipping partner”. It’s clear to me they were asking which shipping partner has the company engaged to help you export products.

But there are other good explanations for that answer, including a language barrier or an honest misunderstanding.

Very, very true. Customer service agents generally do the very best they’re empowered to do to help you, and often get the poor treatment in exchange for their efforts. It sucks to see that dragged out into a forum.

I could understand that if it was the only time I explained how we ship our products.
But the truth is, a few months ago, he and I already had a similar conversation about why we needed 60 business days to ship our products, and how we were going to ship it. Difference is, he had argument not with me, but some other community members last time. Quite a fuss. I felt maybe we didn’t explain the way of shipping very clearly, so I spent some time explaining not only to him but also to the whole community how we ship our products and why there was a shipping partner not only carriers like FedEx or DHL.
But this time, he acted like he’s never heard of it. He asked where is his order, I answered it’s with our shipping partner they’re processing our shipping request. Then he asked what’s a shipping partner, I was a little suprised because I thought he amongst all the people, should know we have a shipping partner. But I answered as normal, it’s a crew that helps us to export our products.
His next question wasn’t which company is it, or anything alike. He asked, that’s what.
What should I say?I just told him what that was. But no, I was the one that mocked him.
He was also rude last time, but I didn’t get angry, because as customer service, I can tolerate some not-too-much rudeness. But this time he called me “ass”. That I couldn’t bear. No one, no matter who they are, deserve that.

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Most of us are acquainted with his shenanigans, I was really surprised he came back after the first time he left. He tends to add noise over here and the discord.

I’m sorry that you guys have to see this.