Change a larger LCD screen on GS

This reminds me of the age old problem re: mobile phone display screens getting larger/higher resolution would affect battery life and performance.

I’d be more concerned about the interface getting laggy with a higher resolution, and thus drain more power; literally needing to drive more pixels.

Having a guess here, but I’d assume that if you were scaling everything up, the png files for all menu items would also need to be scaled to match.

Since a lot of the Gameshell runs in a full screen window mode, or even just a window, although it would be super tiny, having the launcher run in a post stamp sized window, similar to how it is when you connect via HDMI would be a possible solution. You spend more time in actual emulators that run full screen anyway, so it wouldn’t be that big (well small haha) a problem.

That’s just what I think, without having a 640x480 screen on hand.

@guu You had 3 weeks??? That was amazing, especially given the time! Nice!


you are right and too kind
the icons need to fit the new resolution
so I think just use sdl to scale the launcher would be a lot easier

3 weeks including learning the python for zero
I was never liked the python before and still
Because of the short time, the launcher was very rough
I am very sorry to all the users of the launcher
but we are lucky since a lot of people here helped the launcher a lot


Holly crap! That is incredible @guu

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so, why use python ?

python(pygame) is faster and simpler

Great job!
I honestly hope for one of the future updates to be a bigger/higher resolution screen

Mmm. Unless you go down the golang route. But I digress!

Back on topic. I remember seeing one of the creators mentions something of a higher quality screen in the works. No idea if it’s just going to be a better quality, higher resolution/density or just bigger. But I’m sure whatever comes out would have software to suit.

Here was the post with mention of an improved screen in the works:


I use exocad to view sto archives on my iphone


Could you please share me the link where you get adapter pcb board and 45pin Flexible Printed Circuit?

Many thanks in advance :wink:

I think it is easy to get the PCB board in China. Like:

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Wow it helps! Thanks again!

Any definitive guide I can follow for a larger screen? I’ve already 5000mah battery installed… Bigger screen would be nice… please help!

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Can you link to the PCB adapter to go from 54 to 40 pin? The link you sent doesn’t work for me. Thanks!!

Those links were for sourcing the manufacture of custom circuit boards to acquire ribbon cables. They weren’t for the adapter board. I would also like to see at least a schematic for the adapter board.

Ohhh…I’m wondering where he got his from…iv searched high and low to no avail

You can use the PCB file in my google drive link(, and find a factory who can make the pcb board.

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Very nice!

Could you share the gerber files, and schematic of your adapter board?

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Hi all.

This is my first post, I’m new in town. English is not my mother language and my device is on its way… from Japan. First of all I want to thank you all guys: I decided to get my Clockwork because of this community and also because I found answers to most of my questions just reading stuff you wrote.

Now, about the screen. I’m pretty much puzzled. I’ve read that

Then I found no info about that “KD027-LCD pinout”. By what I’ve seen here it seems the original screen uses a 40 pin connector and @hob286 is using that flex cable and an intermediate PCB to connect a 54 pin screen. I might have misunderstood, what I understood was this mod was 40 pin (motherboard) > 45 pin (PCB) > 54 pin (new screen). If so, why aren’t we using existing 40 pin screens? For example, would any of these work without the need of the extra PCB?

I guess there must be a reason, because those are way cheaper (not to mention shipping fees). Please, help me understand this stuff. I want to learn and I could really use bigger screens… preferrably with aligned pixels. By that I mean:

I’d love a 480x320 screen, I could use a 640x480, but then I’d have to be able to switch back to the original screen mostly to test my games work and look as intended. I can 3D print faceplates and keep screens attached to them, but I’m in if it’s a reversible mod. I wouldn’t really love purchasing extra screen modules just to strip them and mod them. Would that be the only way? It’s not, right? Right?

Thanks in advance!


there is a nice outer casing for the battery. If you want one, please tell me

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Looks really nice. 3D printed? I could use the STL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Also, could you please share a link for the battery? Did it come with the proper connector?