Custom GameShell image (v0.3) with standalone emulators

thank you for replying, I end up flash your rom again and this time I copy the Bios in before I start the emulator, it works fine now!
thank you very much for your good work!

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thank you for replying, I end up flash your rom again and this time I copy the Bios in before I start the emulator, it works fine now!
thank you very much for your good work!

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Awesome work, dude!
I tried making my GameShell work as yours, but always ran into problems. Your image works just fine, thank you very much!

I’d gladly chip in a few dollars for you to keep updating your image with newer versions (although i don’t care much for 0.4) if it comes to that.


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That’s nice to hear, but I’m just giving back a little for the help I got on this forum, no need to get out your wallet. :smiley:
Hopefully, now that the Game Jam is over, I’ll have time to update the image so that it automatically expands.

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I use your custom image and everything is ok and With your help I can use my SD 128GB, thank you very much. I appreciate
In the so 0.4 if you enter on any emulators it says “please upload data over wifi” any ideas ? And again thanks

Those are not standalone emulators, but RetroArch cores and I think you have to download them once to use them.

I am going do that, thanks

Hey @Rebusmind, this looks interesting, can you give us some technical details about how you build this image ? I’m trying to find out how the original images are build but am not getting answers (yet) on How are the GameShell OS image files generated?

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I haven’t built this image myself, I just modified the one provided here on the forums.

Hey @Rebusmind do you know where PCSX saves the savestate files?
I’m struggling to find them and I’d like to be able to make a backup of those. Thanks!

Sorry, dude, got it :slight_smile: It’s on ~/apps/emulators/PSX/.pcsx/sstates/.

They can be found in /home/cpi/apps/emulators/PSX/.pcsx/sstates.

Over the last days I’ve been trying to make my custom image auto-expandable, so that it expands the file system automatically when you boot the image for the first time. Sadly, the way guu did it for the v0.4 image doesn’t seem to work for v0.3. :frowning:
I’ve tried it several times so far but it just doesn’t expand. If anyone wants to lend a hand to maybe get it to work, that would be very appreciated. If not, then I’ll probably wait and not upload an update yet, as it would only contain the (excellent) global volume control.

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I don’t think that is super important. You have the instructions on how to do it manually, and you’re not an official provider, I wouldn’t worry too much :slight_smile:

But the point of this custom image is to take out as much of the hassle to set up your GS as possible. And using the script can lead to undesired side effects, because the script also touches on many other functions. So having it automated would be a great help.

Makes sense, then!

I can’t help you, though, I have no idea how that works.

Last time when i tried to install the Volume control my GS’s Bluetooth stop working, I haven’t tried again yet.


Would you consider doing an update to the image, updating retroarch to 1.7.8, and installing the mupen64 standalone n64 emulator. These seem to be two things people may have difficulty following instructions installing, and/or not have the patience to wait and compile.

I can try. I mean one reason I made this image was to get away from RetroArch, as it’s not super beginner friendly.
And I haven’t found a setup for Mupen that works good enough to include it, yet. I still have to try out your recommended settings, though.


I can’t find cmake。。。。

Which step are you at? I’m a little confused, cause none of the steps mention cmake.

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