Did anyone get Retroarch to work? How?

Please ignore the post I just made with the pictures I missed your post about the USB enabler not being in his script so that checks out 100% can confirm after 4 hours of ripping my hair out that had I just taken a couple minutes to read through all these posts I could have saved myself sometime​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

No worries! Glad you got there.

Hey if I reformat my two terabyte external USB drive to Fat 32 it should work correct? I know I had to do that on the early pies but then they added in the USB tool enabler in the script which isn’t in there now he said he’d put it in his next update which is cool but until then I’m cool with just running what I need off of the SD card I just wasn’t planning on running any games off the SD card I never have so I just got a bunch of 32 gig SD cards but either way I appreciate all the help it was so stupid that I kept trying the wrong image it’s all due to my work computer only showing the first two images to download which were just the regular Bookworm images but you live you learn and all that good stuff:-)

I’ll do up a new image tonight and upload it i’ll dm you when its done.

Okay side note I found it in the retropie script where you can install the USB service that’s how I used to do it before my head’s not going to explode if I click on this right it should just work as it’s part of the script correct? Now follow a question if you update your image is it still going to require FAT32 or will it be able to handle NTFS as well?

yes you can click and install it. im not sure what it’ll need to be formatted as. just install that package and let us know.

Seem to install without any issues I’m actually transferring the two terabytes to my external drive now so it’s going to take me about half an hour or so I will update shortly and again I can’t even be into express my gratitude for all the help

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Yayyy!!! 1 down many more to go thank you guys so much like I said I’m going back to everybody else who I ran into who had the same problem and I’m pointing them in the right direction because people helping people is what this community is all about I appreciate the help so so very much you guys this guys post was literally about being scared to try to install retropie i was like just listen download Rex’s image flash it good to go like an hour or two later I’m like hey how’s it going he’s like banging​:blush::ok_hand:t3: