GameShell OS image files (v0.5)

It is important to use USB ethernet to do this upgrade job at all the time!!

if Wi-Fi goes down, USB rescues it

Persional recommadation
run all commands in gnu screen

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Meant to ask this earlier, but how do I download the Upgrade script directly to my device (I’m using a Macbook Air) so I can then transfer it to my GS via SFTP?

Also I don’t have access to Ethernet right now.!VRUEnCyK!JFio9XTgJgExWucTP7bMGbKaANn1FQj2JijSymtHO6A

I think you can use safari to download this script , it is the same as the patch above and including sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

if you are on mac
you can use Terminal to do a scp job to copy patch to GS , if you are not familar with ssh/scp , then don’t do it, too much risks


Oops. I think I misspoke, @guu . I meant the .sh patch file for upgrading from 0.4 to 0.5 without losing previously stored data. Or is that still unusable?

safari see the patch as a text file because the patch’s name ends with .sh

it is usable , and lima_v0.4_2.bin is the same as the patch

so try to download the patch in Terminal with wget or curl?


Oh. Ok. Thanks, @guu!

The easiest way is to mount the music folder on your Mac and copy the script to there and then from SSH, move it to the home folder (mv ~/music/*.sh ~/)

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@guu, I did the apt upgrade, but still am stalled before the auto-login. Is there any way to fix this, other than starting over?

Ok. I still can’t download the actual .sh file. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Should I be doing something else beside copying “” and pasting it to the URL Bar?
Or do I just need to copy that text into a separate .sh file?

Right click in the script window and select “Save Page As…” or right-click the link you created above and select “Download Linked File”.


cat /tmp/x.log

to see if X is segment fault requires 20.0 or above

and I actually apt upgraded twice

if you want to know what the patch actually did just download the lima_v0.4_20191223_2.tar.gz

check and run the inside

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Do I need to run at a specific location or does it not matter?

I just ran it from the home directory.

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Oooh I see a sneaky 5.4.6 kernel in the boot partition :wink:
Nice to include it, so we can easily test things out :slight_smile:

Also, wow the directory structure has really been cleaned up a lot! Eg, where the doom wrapper is located, pcsx assets/configs etc. And way more file type compatibilities in the action.config files! I am very VERY impressed! This is THE update we’ve been waiting for!


I will download it and offer an EU mirror later today! Thanks for the hard work and nice new release !

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Unfortunately this didn’t help. It also started giving out about missing urwid module.
I installed both aria2 and urwid with pip, run the git submodule initi and update, apt updated and upgraded and still no luck, back to aria2 issue even though it went away for a moment.

No worries though, gonna go with a clean install now.
Thanks for suggestions.

Have a great 2020 guys!

ok thanks for understanding
btw, did u upgrade from os v0.3 or v0.4?

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It was an upgrade from v0.4

Congrats for an upgrade to debian buster ! :tada:

update : too soon, still stuck on stretch (9)

After applying the patch from version 0.4 I get :

apt -uVf dist-upgrade
936 upgraded, 206 newly installed, 11 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
Need to get 744 MB of archives.

Should I upgrade ?

update : no, if you want to, switch stable to oldstable is probably advised.