gpSP+ not running pokemon roms

The GBA emulator is running all the gba roms I have seemlessly, execpt for Pokemon emerald, firered or liquid crystal. Please help. system is brand new, OS is exactly as came out of the box

Hey, have a look at this post. That should solve your problem.

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newb question, do I copy the text or there an actual file on GitHub?

Hey, it’s an actual file you download from github. If you download the release file, you can then just copy it over.

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And it goes into the emulators folder? I’m sorry, I’m very new to this.

Yup! That’s where it goes. :slight_smile:
You’ll still need to decompress the contents of the release file, and find the file in question to copy over. In fact it might even be a good idea to copy over everything, since it could potentially be newer and better optimised.

But hold on for about 20 minutes or so. I’m about to upload a new release of my custom build that is explicitly catered to newer users with a lot of the essentials emulators, fixes (such as this one) and optimisations pre done. It could save you a lot of time.
That said, if you want the satisfaction of doing things yourself, definitely continue to use the vanilla 0.5 OS.

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Cool! Were to I to use this custom build, is there a video tutorial on how to migrate it over? And will I lose the hour of progess I made Zelda?

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Where will you be uploading it? I would very much like to try it out

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Yes and no. If you just update to the new OS without saving your progress to your computer, you will lose it.
By installing a new OS, you’ll essentially be completely wiping your device.
To copy your save file, go to /home/cpi/apps/emulators/ and locate the file called zelda.cfg, zelda0.svs, zelda1.svs etc. The cfg file is gpSP’s way of saving the save ram data of the ROM. The svs files are the save states. Copy them somewhere on your computer.
After you’ve written the new image, copy the files you moved to your computer back to where they were on the gameshell.
That’s it!
The other thing is, even if you do mess it up, it’s only 1 hour of gameplay, vs the countless extra hours you’ll have, having a working N64 and DS emulator to play Ocarina of time, Majora’s mask, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks on the gameshell. Had you made more hours of progress before considering upgrading, you would have lost far more.

As for where to find the image, click on the link. It’s on the first page. I host the files on Google Drive,, and get some help from some other forum members to host them on european and chinese server. I’m from Australia, so we just do with what we have. :wink:
I don’t really do video tutorials. Hate following them, because they go too slow for me, and hate making them because they take too long to make! Haha you can tell I’m not the most patient person! I’ve provided text instructions you can follow on the link. It should be fairly self explanatory.