PocketSNES Working but cant launch games

hi, ive posted in topics before about this, basically I have got to the stage where PocketSNes is LAUNCHING but no option to selct game. I am fairly experienced with GameShell and coding on the and SSHing into GS . Anyway I just would like to know, why its not giving me the option to launch games.
basically looks like this:

Rom files still zipped?

No, they arent zipped, i tried every command to launch a game but nothing works…
I had the command to launch a game before, it was cd/ something, but i had to reformat and i lost it, now ive tried about 100 .sh launchers to launch a GAME and nothign works…

As of now I have this :

PocketSNES /home/cpi/games/SNES/Starfox.smc

of the 50+ other ive tried, that doesnt work at all…

also this
./25_psnes/PocketSNES /home/cpi/games/SNES/Starfox.smc

also doesnt work. That one comes closest to working but it flickers off witha 0.5 second text i cant read probly saying the ROM couldnt load.