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Worked like a charm! Great tutorial! One thing!

I can’t seem to map the shift button to anything… I’d like to use it as my hotkey enable button.

I also can’t map the center button on the LightKey.

Any pointers?!


Yeah I noticed you can’t use shift, that sucks but it’s nothing I can fix.
The lightkey middle is shift too.


Thnx for the quick reply man. L2 is a good alternative to a “shift” key for hotkey enable!


I have it working as a shift key for buttons L1/R1/L2/R2, but stand-alone press does nothing.
This link shows the shift mappings : What are the Keyboard mappings for the Gameshell?


@fr500 Thanks a lot.
I complied RetroArch, now pcsx can run fullspeed. But there is still a problem as before,
four threads in RetroArch named llvmpipe-*,even though i do not load anything in Menu, they cost high cpu usage …


well… tell them to fix the GPU drivers :stuck_out_tongue: llvmpipe is the software rasterizer the device is using due to the lack of proper gpu drivers.


Oh, thanks~
I find that PCSX without RA, and freeDM do not have this problem.


That makes no difference whatsoever, the RetroArch menu is rendered with GL too.


Err…Can I install the GPU drivers myself to fix the problem? @fr500


no you can’t the stock OS image doesn’t have drivers for the Mali400

Retropie Emulationstaion transplant

Oh the answers are here… I see. So reicast is impossible until they fix it?


Reicast seems unlikely with the current hardware.


I cant figure out where to make this change on my device. I am trying to open the script but unfortunately on my macbook i cannot do it. Is it possible to either reset these settings via plugging it in on my flashdrive or is there another way to help with this minor problem?


Open which script?

There’s more than one question there.


ok i started putting pieces together and used terminal on my mac to open the ssh to try and change the configuration of the retroarch for the controls. because Im trying to remove the config and make it back to default.


hmm, how to do that?


OMG! Thank you so much!


@fr500 you should pin this to the thread


this is fantastic, but there is a limitation: when trying to bind the keys in the menu for Neo-geo games, because B is used as back, and Y is for clear setting, trying to rebind the buttons also causes the menu to freak out. For some reason, when playing Neo-geo games on MAME, Neo-geo C and D are bound to the L/R bumper (which is a weird thing for it to do) and trying to rebind them causes the menu’s to quit out or clear the menu… is there a way around this?


I don’t really understand the problem, I didn’t have that issue when binding my buttons.
RetroArch is not designer around the gameshell, it’s designed around the WiiU pro controller.

Rebinding buttons in MAME requires effort (ie: a keyboard) and there is no way to hook one up.