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There is, the keypad is a keyboard. You can change the .ino or use the headers and add more buttons.

Edit: Identifies itself as a HID device to the mainboard.


So as is, there isn’t one, you can’t hookup one off the shelf (not via BT or USB-OTH)
So there isn’t one

@Fuseps, FBA is a better bet, it’s a better integrated core than MAME is (you can change controls without re-binding)


Hey guys, i have this issue, what can i do here?



First of all apt is with build-dep not build.
The second command failed due to a TLS packet, just try again I guess, means it failed to receive something


Hey, it says no such file or directory for cd gfx/video_filters


mkdir -p gfx/video_filters



Thanks @lasvegas, however it says “too many arguments”


Did you try it with ‘sudo’?

sudo mkdir -p gfx/video_filters



No, it doesn’t work either


Hi Oxidium, i cannot find the .config on WinSCP, i seems is a hide folder, how can i look at it? or how can i put those archives in ~/.config/retroarch/cores/ ?


Honestly, that looks like it did work. Entering ls should show the gfx directory and ls gfx should show the video_filters directory.



Heh you’re doing it wrong:

So from the RetroArch repo do:

cd gfx/video_filters
mkdir -p ~/.config/retroarch/filters/
cp *.filt *.so ~/.config/retroarch/filters/video

So from the RetroArch repo do: <--------------This part is important, you cloned Retroarch in the first steps

git clone retroarch

So assuming you did this in your home dir

cd retroarch
cd gfx/video_filters


Great tutorial!

However, I got stucked after I run the “make -j4” command.
I got this:

tObjectEv]+0x142): undefined reference to `operator new(unsigned int)’
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Makefile:187: recipe for target ‘retroarch’ failed
make: *** [retroarch] Error 1

Any ideas??


Hmmm, try adding --disable-discord to the configure flags.


Getting the error shown in image after sudo make install


I just

sudo make

it, and have the binary output somewhere and call it with scripts.


Thanks a lot!
It updated perfectly and now I am running RetroArch 1.7.3.


add --disable-discord to the configure flags, guess I’ll add that to the instructions, it’s something new.


That also worked for me to be able to compile from the current master. without that flag it only worked on the last release tag.


How to go back in retroarch? which key? Also I am not able to clear the input hotkey binds by pressing Y

And about installing the cores. The file that you have provided where do we put those like “”?

I am sorry if I am asking too many questions I am trying to learn as much as I can.!

I have setup the buttons on the gameshell as shown in the picture