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You clearly don’t know how international transport work. I choosed documents from DHL or UPS because they are clear and easy to read, but these rules does not come from them but from the IATA (

That’s the international association that defines the rules to transport goods that all international courier company are following if they do transport by air (and there are similar organism for sea and ground transport)

IATA rules for lithium batteries are in full here:


And you clearly don’t understand that on top of following IATA rules that couriers can have their own rules as well as long as they don’t contravene the IATA rules.

For example, IATA give rules for transporting animals, that doesn’t mean that couriers HAVE to transport animals if asked or they might have their own rules in addition to the IATA rules that have to be satisfied for them to accept your animal for transport.


All, can we please stop this chicken or egg discussion ? Clockwork is a startup of inexperienced people and they are learning and doing their best. Shipping partner messed up: Lesson learned. It feels like we are having the same discussion over and over again (and getting more negative each time) which is not adding to the situation. It is what it is and we hope the parcels will be on the move again very soon, some of us just were unfortunate enough to have their Gameshell stuck on the one pallet that is being held. I realise it is frustrating and annoying but it is out of our hands. And no, I am not from the Clockwork team, but just a huge fan and happy recipient of one of the Gameshells. It is definitely worth the wait.


I agree, we should stop this chicken and egg discussion, but what I do not agree with is all these messages of ‘calm down, you will get it’. Especially coming from a person that already has his device. Don’t get me wrong, my message might come across as ignorance (I hope it doesn’t), all I’m saying is, i think it’s super late for being patient and wait. We have all been waiting for our items, while you were enjoying yours with no problems. My patience and others as well has ran thin and frankly, i’m tired of ‘waiting patiently’, because I’m afraid of not seeing the device I have paid for. So from my point of view, we are WAAAAY past the patience point. Because we have all been waiting for 2 months now and it’s getting close to 3 months…


I don’t know what “chicken and egg discussion” you’re talking about, but the facts are quite simple: Clockwork has promised to deliver a product to a pretty substantial amount of backers, who have paid at least 109USD each who are now told that 1) the battery will be removed and possibly later replaced, and 2) the delivery date on the product, which they were promised in May originally, is now quite uncertain.

You wouldn’t accept this poor service from any other company, nor would you discuss shipping standards as if that was any of our concerns as a customers. No, you would simply expect Clockwork to take responsibility for this and communicate this officially (not through posts on a community forum) so everyone is up to date on the matter.

The fact is that the way this has been handled will probably just turn away a bunch of potentially returning customers from ordering directly from Clockwork ever again, regardless of the quality of the product (which is quite good, as I’ve SEEN ONLY ON YOUTUBE).


Except you didn´t buy, you backed. Depending on the platform, you get a warning that you are not purchasing, you are funding and some funding options come with reward:


And also at least it’s coming. If a project decides to disappear with your money and say it didn’t work out then you get zilch and Kickstarter won’t even do anything about it - believe me I know. There’s failings everywhere, we agree with everything you’re saying…it’s been said 1000 times already though throughout this thread and others so there’s no point in saying it and just need to wait. What you’ve said here is the chicken and egg discussion.


So i’m not seeing any updates or news in my inbox on this situation, instead i’m forced to come and see whats happening on this forum which says very little also.

What is the current status of deliveries for us without a gameshell still?
I cant believe that the items are still having batteries removed as per the last update…Can we apply for refunds as this is ridiculous?


Current status seems to be ‘we are patiently waiting for PostNL to move their bones and send us the parcels’. That is… if they even have them. As a user above said he contacted them AFTER they told yong that they will remove batteries and start shipping. And the user got the same reply we kept getting from PostNL: “we do not have information of your shipment. Please contact your seller”.

At this moment I’m skeptic we are even being told the truth…


And also at least it’s coming. If a project decides to disappear with your money and say it didn’t work out then you get zilch and Kickstarter won’t even do anything about it - believe me I know.

So what you’re saying is that I should be grateful that I’m not being conned out of my money? Amazing.


this is absolute hogwosh! i dont believe this for 1 second. Logically speaking this is what happens. you remove the batteries from the boxes…you then reassemble the pallet and continue with the shipment.

The destroying of batteries would happen in parallel to this or atleast after all the batteries have been removed. you would not remove batteries and destroy them one by one, then go to the next box, remove it, destroy the battery. You remove the batteries and then continue with the shipment. there is no need to wait for batteries to be destroyed before continuing to ship the units so i’m sorry i dont believe this.


Except you didn´t buy, you backed. Depending on the platform, you get a warning that you are not purchasing, you are funding and some funding options come with reward:

That’s just a technicality. It’s me buying SOMETHING. In this case a Gameshell. Would I give Clockwork 109 USD just to be nice? Are you serious? It’s clearly a transaction - I pay X amount and I’m promised product Y. That’s a purchase, a transaction, no matter how you dress it up.


to be honest i would rather prefer a refund at this point as i doubt we will ever see the gameshell and after all of this, i actually no longer want it because this experience has been terrible from the start. Its ridiculous that i need to scroll through hundreds of posts to get updates on whats happening with my delivery…


No I’m saying that you’re boring us all with repeating the same thing everyone else has in this thread instead of reading it and understanding what’s currently going on. I was merely was pointing out that it could be a whole different story because you seem to be uneducated about the usage of Kickstarter and that the project owners aren’t already established companies that ship worldwide already and know everything about everything so they will have a lot to learn, there will/can be delays, there will/can be mistakes and there could be the fact you end up with nothing at all. It’s a risk you take using Kickstarter so understand how these things work and you might be a a little more understanding of the situation. A mistake was made concerning the batteries. PostNL are the one’s holding this up. They’ve messed about and take ages to reply and they HAVE BEEN PAID to remove the batteries and were told it would take a week yet they’ve lied and it’s taken them a little longer and should be done today which is the end of the second week.


You won’t get a refund until you get the GS. Then you will have to return it. That will take 30+ days as it’s to go back to Hong Kong and will be at your own expense. If you want to dicuss the possibility of a refund which might not even be possible then email and don’t ask on here as you’ll just be told the same thing.


i’m not here by choice believe you me, i’m here because i’m forced as Clockworkpi dont send updates to there customers via email, instead post willy nilly on a forum which i need to sift through to see what the hell is going on…


I wasn’t telling you to leave. I was telling you that you’ll just be told by the CW team to email them so no point posting on here. I agree you should be getting email updates and so should everyone including me but that’s not really in our hands.


sorry man, i’m just super frustrated with the situation as are hundreds of others and it seems that no matter how loud we scream, no one is listening and this will get sorted out when it gets sorted out. No urgency at all which is what annoys me the most. Lets wait another week they say, we will all be back here next week welcoming the exact same update…nothing to report, batteries are still being destroyed…


And we will be. The thing that annoys me the most is the quietness from the company from which we made business with. Yes, they did updated us and yong has even replie on this thread from time to time, but nothing concrete still. They, like all of us, are waiting for PostNL to do what they have promised to do, but that’s what bothers us the most i guess. The fact that they are complacent in waiting for PostNL to destroy the batteries and send the parcels.

For what we know, that can well take months if we leave them be and no one is pushing them to complete the task. Which is the biggest worry in my books. The fact that they are left to deal with the situation at their own pace and nothing is being done as a ‘priority’. I mean the parcels (if they are in NL) sat in customs for 2 months. If you as a company have hundreds of packages held up in customs and hundreds of people complaining about not getting your product, I wouldn’t wait for PostNL to take their time, instead I would’ve made a big fuss and ask for this situation to be resolved ASAP and in an urgent matter.


No need to be sorry. We’re all in the same boat and have all been through the same emotions you and everyone else have. We’ve just learned that we’ll have to wait for answers and for it to come. The time differences don’t help and the fact PostNL are slow in everything they do including communicating just adds to it all and it’s super frustrating. CW could do more in terms of keeping us updated etc, I don’t deny, but when there’s silence I just put it down to the fact they’re still awaiting to hear from PostNL. It’ll 100% be worth the wait though based on peoples usage on here and the YouTube reviews. We’re all hoping it’s coming today and one day we’ll get that surprise :slight_smile: