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Sorry, I’ve just had a quick flick through all my posts in this forum. I don’t believe I ever complained about “no time frame given”, especially given that it’s been given (and sadly had to change again, thanks to PostNL)

I have however lamented the handling of this. An opinion I am well within my rights to express.


I’ve been letting as many people as I can, know that this forum exists, for reference. Cheers for the updates.


Ok chaps, what is the plan with regards to replacing batteries?

What type/capacity/voltage etc of battery does one require? Will it need a specific connector?

Furthermore, will we be able to charge PostNL for the replacement batteries?

Any information (that doesn’t begin with “UGH”, because I don’t respond to that) would be helpful. If there’s anyone in this thread who has theirs already, could you please let me know the specs? That would be really appreciated.

Many thanks all.



All the one I follow have “moved” !


Mine has made it to the sorting centre as well; hopefully things will move quickly from here.


Royal Mail are aware of my one now too.
@yong how is the process of finding domestic/alternative battery suppliers coming along? Will we need to provide our own battery?


10 days ago I got a “The transport of the shipment item has started”, but nothing since. I have no idea whether this means it on route, still in NL or what.


2018-08-27 07:22 The item is on transport to the country of destination

air fist punch


I’ve got the same!



Yeah me too! Finally!


I ordered a BL-5C from Amazon; it cost about £3-4, and arrived in a few days. Obtaining a replacement battery sounds like a lot less hassle than waiting for one to be shipped.


Are we sure that this is the correct battery? I’ll order one right now if so.

Also, I don’t mind paying for one right now, but what is the official word on the batteries? @yong

Are you going to send out replacement batteries or are we expected to buy batteries ourselves? We really need clarification on this. Also, if we do buy a battery ourselves, is there any official word on support when not using the battery that was meant to be supplied with the device?


I ordered some batteries as well but I’m not going to use them until I don’t have the specs of the original batteries used and tested. Don’t want to risk frying the moba as soon as I get it.


Yes, see point 3 by @yong here:


Oops! Missed that. Thanks for the clarification. Cheers!


Yaaaaaas min! Excited!


If I’m correct that mean it is going to enter UK customs



It’s the Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Center (the first sorting office for Royal Mail). And yes, customs are involved here too. I just hope that customs don’t take too long!