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0 reviews and more expensive than most, and I’ve never heard of Hagnaven…

Up to you, I wouldn’t touch that with a barge pole!



Mine just arrived at the office. No customs to pay which is amazing! For once I did not had to pay customs on kickstarter items! What a relief. Now time to check if the most important items in the package are still intact - mobas and screen.

I have a feeling of sickness coming over me. I wanna go home and play with the darn thing!

Hope you guys are getting yours ASAP.

Thank you clockwork team for helping us out in this ordeal!


Just wondering if it’s safe to power on using USB power directly, without a battery.

I know my laptop doesn’t have issues without battery in place but I know some devices use the battery as a kind of buffer.

Would be nice to have a play with it without having to wait for a battery to arrive

EDIT: yes, mine works without a battery powered directly from USB


I’ve not posted here before but have been lurking and following the discussion.Just wanted to say thank you to all those of you who have been providing info and prodding the customs people. My Gameshell arrived today (UK) so am looking forward to getting started - using it is going to be a doddle compared with getting it, right?!


RM now has mine at Langley. Postal says it’s at customs over here. Wonderful. Hope if just goes through. Did anyone else’s got to Langley HWDC on Royal Mail and not gave to pay customs?


Thanks for that Pete, it’s good to know we don’t actually need the battery.


All I can say is that mine didn’t blow up - your mileage may vary :wink:

Had a quick go on Doom, looking forward to looking at it properly this evening


I think it for all goes through there.

My fear is that for the latest one, custom are going to say “but WTF we got quite a lot of similar boxes recently”


Awesome news!

I was fearing an evening of scouring CEX for an old Nokia phone…


Yes Kris. It went through HWDC and no customs paid.


Mine is still in Langley too :grimacing: The jig is up…


RoyalMail don’t update their website in real time, so they may have moved but the website is not updated yet


Got a royal mail “sorry you were out” card in my mail while I was out today… (Ain’t that just the way :rofl:)

Tracking number on the card is the Gameshell (huzzah!).

So, now of course I’ll need a battery. What do I need to look for, chaps?


So you’re finally happy now? :joy: everything previous is water under the bridge.

The battery is a BL-5C. I bought a genuine Nokia one yesterday from a physical store not online. It’s 3.7v and 1020mAh. I believe the CW battery is 3.7v and 1000mAH. I’m funny about batteries and genuine ones etc so that’s why I picked what I did. Other “higher capacity” batteries are probably Chinese copies and not genuine.

Others have added lipos to theirs but I’ll steer clear of that for now and just use what I’m supposed to until there’s more feedback on those who have nodded it or used higher capacity batteries.


Oh they are not probably. A battery of the form factor of the BL-5C that claims more than ~1200 mAh is showing a fake capacity value.


He said “probably Chinese” :wink:


Mate I’m happy to discuss whatever warrants discussing, but not happy with being told to shut up or get locked out. But plenty of others had their say about that and I feel I need not say more.

So, a BL-5C? Right cool. I’ll have a look for one. What physical store did you find yours at? And I totally understand what you mean about keeping it safe, I wouldn’t want to take chances with batteries either. I’ll stop by a store when I drive out to the collection office tomorrow.

As an aside, is the general consensus to provide our own batteries now? Or are clockwork pi coming up with a plan to sort that out?


The battery Yong mentioned was 1500mah.

Is this likely to not work?

BL-5C Rechargeable Battery 1500Mah With Current Protection 2 Pieces(5C-2pc)


Aye, whether probably this or that, I’m not looking for anything that goes out of the originally intended spec anyway. YoshiK1 has been very helpful to me.