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Have you ordered that one?


Technically, they are all chinese :stuck_out_tongue:

@Phreekz Hard to tell, they looks like really generic battery to me. Also there is no review on them.


I tell you what, does anyone here have a GS with the original battery? If so, what are the specs on it? Feels like a good jump-off point, to be honest


Can’t find the topic, but if I remember correctly, they are rated for 1200mAh


Personally I’d ask that in a separate thread. I can’t imagine many people who weren’t affected by the delays check this thread all that often.


It appears that Duracell make the exact type of battery.

I mean, presuming that’s what the battery in the GS is. Can @yong confirm please?


Yeah, fair point, that.


Some people (in the comment) say that these battery are not genuine and that duracell had never made that type of battery. I really can’t really tell if it is true or not.

(yeah probably better to discuss battery in another topic)


Yeah looks like whoever said that was right. A quick search on Duracell’s own site turns up no such model of battery.


It was made under licence by Duracell.

Not manufactured by Duracell themselves, but they’ve allowed their name to be put on it.


I’ve just emailed them for clarification. But by what you’ve told us here, am I to take it that it’s quite safe?


The one I was looking at was on Amazon sold by Duracell themselves, so I’d say yes.

I’ve went for the 2 x 1500mAh listed above. Even if it’s not a full 1500mAh, I’m not really fussed. I just want to get something in there!


Guys please, lets move battery discussion to a new topic


I am having these batteries. I will try them tonight and update the forum :). They look like the picture described and it came fast as well. (


Okay nice one. Please let us know how you get on with them.


Everyone who is missing batteries is here in this topic though. And tbh, this topic only exists because the batteries were being hucked out of the packages in the first place. Once everyone’s battery-less GS arrives, this topic will have no need to continue, but we will need to share recommendations on what batteries to use as replacement.


This topic is about shipping issue to the UK, not battery, even if related, some other people not from the UK could be interested to know where/what to buy for a spare battery.

I have asked twice, after someone else asked if we can move to somewhere else.

So please AGAIN (last time I ask politely) stop the discussion about battery here, and use that topic: Buying a battery for the Gameshell


There’s really no need to be like that about it. I really don’t know what you’re trying to say by “this is the last time I ask politely”. I just suggested that it makes sense to continue the conversation about batteries here, since in the very near future, all delayed GS packages will have arrived… And the next thing to sort out will be replacement batteries. Doesn’t seem to be any harm in having that conversation here. Especially given that @yong has brought that very subject up in here.

If we move to another thread, could we ensure that everyone concerned with getting a replacement battery is made aware that such a thread exists?

I’m being nice, you’re not.


Guys, calm down. I’m sorry for the delay and battery issues.
@Godzil is right about having a separate topic for discussion about replacement battery, because there are more other users who need that information. It’ll be impossible for them to know all this replacement battery info is under this long thread.


I’m happy for a new topic if everyone’s aware of it and not spamming this topic with batteries questions. I’m not happy with “this is the last time I’ll ask politely”

Moderators do not reserve the right to be rude.