The UK Fellowship of the Limbo Parcel



Mine arrived too. The regular case was also outside the main box, but is undamaged. Looking forward to firing her up :slight_smile: Thanks @yong and the rest of the Clockwork team!!


@All: Enjoy the Gameshell !!! Glad to see you are finally getting it !


Haha! Fair point, mate. Well, everything was present and correct, I sourced a battery (under the counter, literally, at a phone shop!), and the GS is assembled and running. Now I get to have fun with it.


Just a quick question regarding tracking, should the original tracking number work with Royal Mail? PostNL is showing arrived in destination country but RM does not accept the number.


Yes it should still be using the same tracking number. RM can track mine but only to “it has entered the United Kingdom”, so wouldn’t worry too much about it (just yet).


Yes it does work with RoyalMail.

That probably mean that it has not been put into the Custom hands


Mine arrived yesterday, same black bag as others. One thing to note, my Lego back was separate from the main box, so if your bag is ripped be wary of that.

I also got a Tshirt and protective glasses! Haha forgot about those…

Anyway fingers crossed it all works, as the box had taken a good bash.


Hi there I have not even got a tracking number @yong can someone please check and get me my tracking number? My email address is same on Kickstarter as on here

Thank you


Awwww yissss. Finally! Will check it all thoroughly and make sure it’s all there. So far, so good.


I’ve send email to you.
Please contact us at as soon as possible to give your KickStarter backer number, mailing address, and phone number for shipping contact.


As I promised long ago, I will soon make a live unboxing and mounting of the Gameshell:

So if you want to see me doing weird things, ask question or anything, please join me!


Live done, can’t believe I’ve been able to keep it for 3 hours XD


Just got back from holiday and found a Royal Mail “something for you” card with a familliar looking tracking number in my letterbox. Tomorrow should be fun :grinning:


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I thought your live stream was great even if there was a few times where the webcam did not play nicely, well done and enjoy your gameshell



@yong Thank you for your help the other day I am not sure how I missed the survey but oh well at least it is sorted now. I look forward to receiving my console soon and keep up the good work.



Picked it up today and assembled it (about half an hour) switched it on and it worked first time!
Not tried the light key yet but all looks good so far.

I think I might order a battery on amazon prime to tie me over until Clockwork sends one out.

Cheers @yong!


What were we supposed to get in the box? I’ve got a complete GS except the battery (purchased my own) but I see others posting stickers, assembly manual and a t-shirt, none if which I received but still wanted!

My bag was sealed when I received it.


According to the campaign pledge description, any pledge (>$89) that included a GS should also come with t-shirt and logo stickers.


Where did you got yours from? Kickstarter or Indigogo?

Stickers and TShirt was on Kickstarter, but not all for all pledges.

But you should have the assembly poster